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Vanom Vain box mod review – DirtyCheck No. 22



Hello everyone, I’m glad to share good things with friends who like Truetoy here.

This time, I’d like to tell you about an vaping kit designed by South Korea and made in China. It’s the Vain produced by Vanom. Of course, you may have known the Vain 1st generation before. The reputation is not very good, especially for the workmanship. This is an upgraded version of Vain. We’ll see what’s different.

Vanom Vain box mod review

Product introduction

The product is divided into two parts, one is the device, the other is the atomizer part.

Let’s talk about the whole package first, whether it’s from the design of the package or the drawing of the box, it’s very elegant. The overall feeling of the design is very military style, cordon element, beehive element, very beautiful.

Vanom Vain box mod reviewVanom Vain box mod review

Device part

The device part is simple and rough. Open it and show it in front of you. There is no extra thing, even no USB charging cable for accessories. The most deadly thing is that it’s not very friendly to novice players. There’s no user manual. However, it’s found later that the manual is at the bottom of the device box. It’s really very minimalist.

Vanom Vain box mod review

From the perspective of the size of the mainframe, the size of 75mm x 16mm is indeed small and exquisite. Asians are more comfortable to hold it. The ergonomic design makes the use process very harmonious. I don’t know how the size of the hand is compared with that of a larger one.

Vanom Vain box mod review

Not to mention the basic operation. The light indicates that the power is green → orange → red from strong to weak. Of course, red means in need of a charge. Led five-hole indicator panel has adjustable gear. Press and hold the key at the bottom of the host to turn on the gear function, and then press the key to select the gear you need. The bottom is the lowest and the top is the highest.

Vanom Vain box mod review

Compared with the previous generation of workmanship and design, this time there are obvious changes. The skin like coating of a generation can’t stand the damage of years, and its design is also garish.

The whole body of the new Vain adopts the drawing process, and it feels like a layer of paint on the drawing process, and feels very good. The device only has the author’s name “Kenny. K”, the device name “vain” and a small amount of decoration.

It looks a lot more simple, but it has a lot of hard core.

Vanom Vain box mod review

Atomizer part

The atomizer is very interesting. Isn’t it called Vain or Draven. The atomizer uses a 16mm size atomizer, matched with Pei nozzle, and the original factory also has an opaque e-liquid tank. I want to ask how does the author think in his mind, just try to look good and care nothing else?

Vanom Vain box mod review

The air outlet tunnel of the atomizer is relatively long, so there is basically no need to worry about the bad experience of condensate entering the mouth. What’s more worth mentioning than the airway is the intake of the Draven atomizer, which is similar to the discreet intake design. It gathers and concentrates the intake air, making the taste more stable when we vape. I’d like to thumb up for this.

Vanom Vain box mod review Vanom Vain box mod review

I don’t have much confidence in the e-liquid tank’s endurance. After all, what else can you do with such a small atomizer? So, always prepare the e-liquid, ha ha.

User experience

The feeling under use is that it is compact and convenient. At the same time, DIY can also allow you vape some of your favorite vape juice with the data you like, which is very good. It’s also very good on the taste, especially when you smoke some 6mg food flavored vape juice above 1.0ohm, the analysis and layering are really great. I don’t really recommend using Vain as a lung aspirating product, because the space in the atomizer doesn’t support you. You know what I mean.

It’s foolproof to make the heating coil and stuffing cotton. It’s nothing to say. It’s not a special coil device. It’s also very good at normal points.

Vanom Vain box mod review


At present, Vain is a very cost-effective Mouth to Lung product. Of course, compared with some self matching devices, it’s really poor, such as atomization space, air intake accessories and so on. However, there is no problem in daily use. As to adjusting the device gear setting, I still hope to be able to change it to be like DNA that can set the wattage in each gear, which is more handy for vaper. Of course, Captain Dirty also hopes Vanom can make more and better devices to show to the public.

Vanom Vain box mod review

Vape how we Roll,All in TrueToy.

I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

DirtyCheck No.23 OZ Drip Strawberry Milk Cookies

Wechat: SiangCiao

DirtyCheck No.23 OZ Drip Strawberry Milk Cookies


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3 years ago

Do you know how I can get one of these in the USA. I’ve been trying with no luck.

3 years ago

Sorry, we can’t find it too, it’s a very small brand. Maybe it’s discontinued. Or you could add the author’s Wechat: SiangCiao for more details.

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Vain is a very cost-effective Mouth to Lung product. It meets vapers' daily use without any problem.Vanom Vain box mod review - DirtyCheck No. 22