Thursday, June 20, 2024

The vape users prosecute the shop for e-cigarette explosion


Be careful of your vape now when vaping in case of getting injured.

Amanda Pickard from North Tonawanda suffered intense burn to her inner thighs and legs in July. This was due to the explosion of an electric cigarette. However, the cigarette was sold to Pickard’s boyfriend. She is suing the vape shop for the sales. According to the attorney of Pickard, Hugh Russ, the explosion of the electric cigarette happened less than a day following its purchase from Planet Vape off Brighton Road in Tonawanda.

The attorney is suing under product liability law. Putting up a faulty product for sale makes a store responsible for the implications.

However, the owner of Planet Vape, Auston Mavrak, said he was yet to hear about the incident or the lawsuit until Tuesday. He said he does not put up defective products for sale. In fact, just two or three out of a thousand are returned because they are not working. There has never been a report of any of the products exploding.

According to Mavrak, the model was a Sigelei SnowWolf. They remain sealed in the original packaging and they are sold that way. Furthermore, although its explosion is rare, when it happens, it is likely due to improper usage or storage.

No one knows the sum involved in the suing but Pickard spent thousands in medical bills following the explosion.


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