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Lose no confidence in the vape industry because of the temporary negative news


Due to the recent regulatory actions on vapes in South Korea, and the increasing prevalence of e-cigarette lung disease in the United States, in fact, China has been more or less affected. In the near future, the industry also continues to spread regulatory rumors. Therefore, we interviewed several well-known e-cigarette brands, especially for these problems. Here are their opinions:

Co-founder of SnowPlus, Wang Sa

These types of difficulties arise when a company or industry progresses, is not that surprising. It also tests the will of entrepreneurs.

Our confidence in SnowPlus products comes first. SnowPlus products are of the highest quality in the entire industry, and also have the highest safety standards. This is reflected in the increase in our product variety, the speed in which they are released, and our sales numbers.

MOTI CMO, Zhou Jie

No matter how the regulatory policies of various countries change, MOTI will continue to improve the quality of its products, strict self requirements with higher standards, and strict compliance with local policies and regulations. Moti believes that it is the foundation of an enterprise to build an effective moat with its own products, which is the best way to deal with the current situation.

Sigelei marketing director, Hu Leng

If we rationally study, supervise and find ways to work on policies and related supervision methods, strictly control the “safety” of e-cigarette products, and even control the source in extreme cases, it may be a real rescue for the e-cigarette industry.

The sooner regulation comes, the better. In order to standardize the industry, we should at least regulate some small workshops that have no consideration or no way to work hard from a safety perspective, not like the counterfeit THC in the United States flowing into the market. We should regualte the enterprise, and make the industry healthy first.

The regulated industry will surely usher in a bright future, after all, this is a rigid demand.

Wel CEO, Qiu Yiwu

It’s a good thing and a must to be solved that electronic cigarettes be regulated. However, if there is a need, it will come into being. If there is a reaction force, from the current information release point of view, governments of all countries are considering the issue of regulating the vape development from the perspective of the overall industrial situation.

For the brand side, we must adhere to strict product requirements in the face of the market and do a good job in juvenile vaping prevention. We see that e-cigarettes give consumers a once-in-a-century chance to establish a good terminal channel for consumers, and we must be self disciplined.


Be yourself. Expand business in times of crisis.

Chairman of iJOY, Wang Xizhi

E-cigarettes will continue to develop, because it’s a valuable thing to benefit people. Now it’s the shuffling stage, and only a few big companies will exist in the future. As long as the brands with money to live through the winter can survive, there will be explosive growth in the future and the opportunity to become the head enterprises.

I have always been optimistic about this industry. As long as I focus on the valuable things, I will be able to achieve greater success. “Crisis is the turning point”. To do a good job in products, and opportunities will always be there!

Finally, I want to send a sentence to all the colleagues who have dreams and ambitions. As long as they have strength, they can keep the clouds and see the red sun, and break the clouds and see the bright moon!


I’m the only American brand, and I’m going to publish about America. China’s e-cigarette brands or factories have a wrong point of view at present, and flavor ban is not the leathal point of the industry. The registration of PMTA in May 2020 has a large amount of capital requirements (140000-500000 US dollars for submission for approval, “excluding” experimental expenses), and then in August 2022, it needs to pass the FDA certification before it can be sold, which is the killer of the electronic cigarette industry.

bink CMO, Gavin

The development trend of e-cigarettes is irreversible, which can be verified in the UK and other countries. bink believes that the quality of products are the basis for determining the trend of e-cigarettes, and the purpose of reulation is to be more standardized, rather than to eliminate it.

iv head, Zhang Gengbin

The rapid growth of e-cigarette market since this year shows that e-cigarette is not a “fake demand”, but a “big trend” with great growth space.

However, some time ago, a series of negative news in the United States also alerted us that the quality standards, access threshold, channel control, national legislation and other aspects of e-cigarettes are not perfect. Therefore, we should strive to create a market environment conducive to the regulation and healthy development of e-cigarettes, such as accelerating the improvement of laws and regulations, cracking down on black market device and e-liquid trading and eliminating the use of e-cigarettes by minors, so as to gradually reverse the negative impact of e-cigarettes on minors, families and society.

vitavp founder, Liu Dongyuan

In fact, the birth and development of every new thing is often accompanied by controversy, which is also the “fate” of new things, such as the “carriage” and “car” in the early years. At that time, people said that the car was noisy, not environmentally friendly and slow, but the fact proved that the car helped the efficiency of human society to a new height. Therefore, we accept the fate of being “controversial” as a new thing, but these will not affect our determination to adhere to, and will not affect the future development of e-cigarettes.

vitavp is optimistic about the future of e-cigarettes, the most fundamental reason is that it is optimistic about the trend of e-cigarettes consumption upgrading. This is the upgrading of consumers’ demands for health, safety and comprehensive experience, which is the necessity of development. At the same time, it believes that the electronic cigarette industry is bound to move towards a safe and orderly development direction, ushering in a more mature electronic cigarette market environment.

VOZOL CEO, Wen Guanhui

E-cigarettes can’t be said to be completely harmless, but they are much less harmful than traditional tobacco, so the benefits outweigh the disadvantages for smokers who want to quit but can’t quit and need to reduce the harm instead of smoking. As a brand that wants to stick to its conscience and operate in this industry for a long time, we are welcome to make it clear that the regulation policies of e-cigarettes around the world are: only afraid of no rules, not afraid of strict rules, so that the industry can develop healthily under supervision and grow in the sun, so that powerful and conscientious brands can grow bigger, and all kinds of fake and shoddy brands that want to become rich overnight can be eliminated out.

In the face of stricter overseas regulation and the situation of waiting for domestic standards, it is an organic crisis for us. Because our products haven’t been sold on a large scale, they are still in the stage of product research and development, team building and market testing, so the supervision at this time has not caused a devastating blow to us temporarily. Even to some extent, before we are going to invest a lot of people, money and materials in brand promotion and marketing activities around the world, it will be good for us if the regulatory policies of the mainstream market can become increasingly clear and the industry has laws to follow.

HICGAR CEO, Zhang Shizhou

At present, the global electronic cigarette regulatory policy is in a changeable and uncertain situation. I think it is an inevitable trend for the electronic cigarette industry to be regulated. Only the state regulation can make an industry develop on the right track.

Of course, only good products that meet the needs of consumers can be circulated in the market. The existence time and demand of e-cigarettes in the market are the best proof. As we all know, the harm of traditional cigarettes is very great. Smokers also have the right to choose to buy and use products that are healthier than cigarettes.

In the future, we will still pay close attention to the latest industry trends, keep up with the pace of policies, and produce legal, compliant and policy oriented products to the market.

Ammo CEO, Fan Jingyu

E-cigarettes is a global business, and the industry has a long way to go. What brands need to do now is to cultivate their internal skills. In the future, there will be 10 billion level brands in the e-cigarettes industry, and they are likely to be born in China. A firm understanding of the core value will not be affected by the public opinion for a while.


During the Renaissance, western medicine began to change from empirical medicine to experimental medicine. In 1543, when Visari published the theory of human structure and established human anatomy, there were lots of people who opposed him. Not to mention before that, humans were almost reluctant to believe that anatomy could save people.

But what happened later?

Anatomy has not only become a significant progress in the development of medicine, but also influenced the development of medical devices in the late 19th century. It also has a significant contribution to human visceral medicine and maternal medicine. If it’s not the long-term efforts and clinical verification, we may not be able to fight the most common diseases until now.

Today’s electronic cigarette industry is the same, although full of controversy, but we all know what it can bring to smokers. The UK and New Zealand are using e-cigarettes to move towards a smoke-free country, which has proved how successful their tobacco control policies are.

So we believe that even if the current e-cigarette storm continues, once we believe that as long as we look at things in a positive way, e-cigarettes will still have the opportunity to be recognized by the public in the future.

Of course, we don’t want to emphasize the “beauty” of the electronic cigarette industry. We just hope that colleagues in the industry can still think positively and do the right thing when they encounter bottlenecks. As secretary general Ao, member of electronic cigarette industry committee of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, stressed, in the face of difficulties, electronic cigarette enterprises must be rational and united. It is the spirit of “overcoming the difficulties together” that can make the electronic cigarette industry move towards a more healthy development environment.

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