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Dubai imposes fines on anyone who violates local e-cigarette regulations


Following the legalization of e-cigarette sales in Dubai this year, the Dubai government issued a warning that anyone who vapes in an unauthorized area will face a fine of up to AED 2000.

Source: Gov’t Imposes AED 2,000 Fine for Use of E-Cigarettes in Public Places

This year, the UAE government consumer regulator, the United Arab Emirates Standards and Metrology Authority (ESMA), confirmed the new regulations in the UAE. The s5030 will allow legal sales of e-cigarettes and vape equipment as long as the manufacturer meets the new standards and has a health warning similar to traditional cigarette on its packaging.

In response to this measure, the Dubai City Government has just announced that the use of these devices will be subject to the same legal restrictions as those using traditional cigarettes.

“The city government will oversee any violations of the use of e-cigarettes in public places,” said Nasseem Mohammad Rafie, Acting Director of the Health and Safety Department of the Dubai Municipality. “The municipal government’s experts will take the necessary steps to trace the offenders who smoke in public places.”

Those found to be using e-cigarettes in non-smoking areas will face a fine of up to AED 1000, and those who violate specific rules for designated smoking areas will be fined up to AED 2000.

Electronic cigarette users should not be forced to use smoking areas

dubai vape law

At the same time, the British Public Health Service (PHE) has long pointed out the importance of providing specific areas for e-cigarette smokers. They said that forcing smokers to use e-cigarettes in smoking areas would undermine their efforts to quit.

He said: “It is only counterproductive to send vapers to the outside of the smoke-proof pavilion, making it harder for people to quit. Considering that smoking e-cigarettes do not pose health risks like second-hand smoke, for many organizations, building a vaping room may be a proper move,” said Norman Lamb, chairman of the Technology Council (STC), last year.



Is vape banned in Israel?

Yes. The import and sales of vaping e-cigarette like JUUL  will not be allowed, Prime Minister (and health minister) Benjamin Netanyahu decided in 2018 following urgent requests from Health Ministry officials, who said the product poses “a grave danger to public health.” And this ban is effective until now in 2019. Source


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