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Battling the Surge of Counterfeit Nicotine Pouches: Identifying Fakes and Understanding Market Impacts


Amid the surging popularity of nicotine pouches as a tobacco alternative, the market is witnessing an unsettling rise in counterfeit products. This poses significant risks to consumers and the industry’s reputation. Here’s what you need to know about this growing problem and how to differentiate genuine products from fakes.

Exploding Market and Counterfeit Challenges

The global nicotine pouch market has seen remarkable growth, with sales projected to increase from $5.86 billion in 2022 to $17.26 billion by 2028. This surge is largely driven by stricter tobacco regulations and higher taxes on traditional tobacco products, which have pushed smokers towards alternative nicotine delivery systems like pouches.

However, with high demand comes the challenge of counterfeits, especially in major consumer markets like Europe and America. Brands like ZYN and VELO are particularly affected, with numerous fake products flooding the market.

Identifying Authentic vs. Counterfeit Nicotine Pouches

Experts in the field suggest several ways to distinguish genuine products from counterfeits:

  • Back Seal Inspection: Genuine products often have serrated edges on the back seal, while counterfeits tend to have straight cuts.
  • Texture Differences: Authentic pouches feature a grid-like texture on the back seal due to the use of patterned rolling wheels during manufacturing.

Counterfeit nicotine pouches not only undermine consumer trust but also impact the reputation of established brands. They are prevalent in both Western and Eastern markets, with numerous reports on social platforms like Reddit highlighting the issue.


The Production Epicenter: China’s Role

China has emerged as a central player in the production of both genuine and counterfeit nicotine pouches. Despite nearly 60 domestic companies being involved in their manufacture, a significant number lack the proper licensing to handle nicotine, leading to an increase in counterfeit production.

These companies often operate under the guise of producing “white label” products, which allow for branding post-production, facilitating the spread of counterfeits.

The legal landscape is becoming increasingly complex for producers of counterfeit nicotine pouches. Experts warn that these practices may lead to serious legal consequences, including criminal charges for trademark infringement and consumer safety violations.

Final Thoughts: A Sticky Situation

It looks like the nicotine pouch market is getting a bit too “pouchy” with all these counterfeits floating around! What are your thoughts on this? Have you ever stumbled upon a fake pouch that just didn’t feel right? Let us know in the comments and join the discussion at

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