Thursday, June 20, 2024

US Vape Robbery : He Robbed the Vape Shop but the Pistol Fell


According to Russian RT news reports, recently, a ridiculous robbery occurred in the United States. When a gun robber went into an e-cigarette shop to rob, he did not hold his own crime tools like the “Long Ge” in the previous Kunshan hacking case in China. As a result, he was nearly killed by the clerk, and he was still running away without his pants…

Colorado robber drops gun, then trousers

It is reported that the robbery occurred in Aurora, Colorado, USA. The monitoring screen in the store showed that at about 5:30 pm on September 2, a man wearing a red cap and sunglasses and wearing loose pants entered the store.

He walked straight to the counter where the female clerk was, and took out a BB gun from his pocket.

The female clerk was scared and panicked, and even took a few steps to hide in the corner. Dramatically, the robber slipped and the gun fell to the feet of the female clerk.

The robber tried to get past the counter, but it was picked up by the female clerk. In the end, the robber can only flee. When escaping, the robber’s trousers also fell, and the wolverine looks really ridiculous.

Afterward, the owner of the e-cigarette store, Chris Boe, also accepted an interview with the local media Denver Post. During the interview, he laughed at the poor performance of the robber.

He said, “I don’t want to downplay the seriousness of armed robbery, but this guy is indeed the ‘stupidest criminal in the world.’ He needs to find a new career.” He added, “The store’s policy is to give armed robbery suspects anything they want. In this case, the clerk responded appropriately.”

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