Monday, June 17, 2024

Should the vape flavor ban take effect?


After cracking down illegal e-liquid with cannabis additive, the U.S. health officials on Tuesday reported no new deaths from the mysterious respiratory illness tied to vaping after their last update on Jan. 16, keeping the total deaths at 60. It’s obvious that vaping is not the reason to cause the lung disease, and the flavor ban should be reconsidered.

80% of adolescents in the USA don’t use vape.

A recent report from Futurity says that most minors never use any tobacco and vaping devices at all. Besides, most youth who vape are also current or former smokers, which means that the flavor ban cannot stand with its intension for minors.

CBD & Cannabis thickening agent is the main culprit to cause EVALI lung disease.

Now more and more people found out that they are misled by irresponsible media and policymakers, and the real culprit is low quality & fake marijuana e-liquid. And the authority starts striking down illegal marijuana cartridge dealers & manufacturers. According to Marketwatch, marijuana vape cartridges were seized in illegal shops in Los Angeles contained potentially dangerous additives by California officials, including a thickening agent blamed for a national outbreak of deadly lung illnesses tied to vaping. And the nicotine e-liquid produced by famous brands never have this problem.

Vaping is more healthy than smoking

Vaping is better than smoking, and helps them to gain better health. According to Turnto10, Vape shop owners and customers took to the State House Wednesday to put pressure on legislators to do what they can to remove the ban on flavored vape sales. There are also a number of people who oppose the ban who said they actively use vape products. They said it saved them from long years of cigarette addictions. Now not only shop owners, but also vape shop customers are starting fighting for their appropriate right to vape.

Vape industry needs to survive and make a living.

Under the flavor ban, vape shop owners live a hard life and their legal rights are infringed. Those people provide something beneficial to the public but were treated unfairly. The authority should do what’s right after the truth of vaping is revealed by the scientific report on vaping and realistic of millions of true vapers. A dozen of vape shop owners said that ban means ‘bankruptcy across the board’ if not overturned. Now it’s time to save them from hell. Every happy home makes a happy & strong country.


The vape flavor ban shouldn’t take effect. Vape than smoke.

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