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SNOWPLUS and the Guangming District Government of Shenzhen Reach Strategic Cooperation


Shenzhen, China – November 7, 2019 – The Shenzhen Guangming District government reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Shenzhen SNOWPLUS Electronic Cigarette Co., Ltd. SNOWPLUS will become a key local industrial project and is expected to move its headquarters to the Guangming District by the end of 2019. The Guangming District government will actively support the development of SNOWPLUS in the local area.

SNOWPLUS is one of the leading technology brands in China’s electronic atomization industry. Since its establishment, SNOWPLUS has launched a new electronic atomization production process which has won the praise of the industry and the market.

At present, Guangming District is focused on the development goals of becoming a “World-class Science City and the Northern Center of Shenzhen”. With the leading scale and technical advantages in the vaping industry, SNOWPLUS will support the government to reach the future goal.

SNOWPLUS has a strict product safety system. In the production process, SNOWPLUS carries out multiple safety tests on each pod and battery core. Among them, the battery core must pass 22 strict tests before assembly to ensure that there is no possibility of fire or explosion under extreme conditions such as drop, impact, extrusion, puncture, high temperature, etc. At present, SNOWPLUS’ e-liquid and devices have passed a number of strict international certifications, and the core components such as e-liquid, atomizing core and mouthpiece meet the medical safety standards of the FDA and the EU.

In terms of technological research and development (R&D), SNOWPLUS is building a new R&D center, which covers an area of nearly 4,000 square meters. It has physical and petrochemical laboratories, which are built according to CNAS standards. After completion, it may be the largest, most comprehensive, and most accurate CNAS standard laboratory in the industry.

According to SNOWPLUS, the development direction of e-cigarettes will focus on smart functions and control. Smart functions refer to intellectualization, humanization, and connection with users. Control refers to the social mission of improving one billion smokers’ lifestyles and reducing harm as a substitute product. In the future, SNOWPLUS will continue to explore and launch new products based on these two points.

In addition, SNOWPLUS will strive to apply more AI related technologies to improve the lifestyle of smokers so that users can have a better experience.

During the signing process, Toby Chen, partner of SNOWPLUS, was deeply impressed by the industrial support advantages of Guangming District. “The policy of attracting enterprises to settle down in Guangming District is most beneficial to the development of enterprises. Various incentive subsidies and preferential policies cover all aspects of enterprises,” he said. “Currently, Guangming District has a large number of land resources and clear planning direction, which is very beneficial to the development of enterprises and industries.”

According to Research Report on China’s Electronic Cigarette Industry, 2018-2022, Chinese enterprises account for 95% of the world’s e-cigarette production. More than 90% of vapes are exported, and more than 90% of vape patents are in China. Most of the R&D and production of e-cigarettes are concentrated in Shenzhen, where e-cigarettes, mobile phones, and drones are known as the “Shenzhen main three devices”.

“SNOWPLUS will have a bright future, because e-cigarettes represent the highest standards of China’s smart products China’s intelligent products.” Chen said.

With excellent product R&D design and solid customer service SNOWPLUS has become the fastest-growing e-cigarette brand in China. In August this year, SNOWPLUS launched in international. In the future, SNOWPLUS will develop new products based on the preferences of consumers in different regions and gradually push them to market so that products made in China can better serve the global market.

After signing the cooperation agreement with the government of Guangming District, the two sides will fully rely on the resource advantages of Guangming District, make full use of the technical advantages of SNOWPLUS, strengthen bilateral cooperation, develop future industry, create a good business environment, and build a new reputation for “Made in China”.

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