Thursday, June 20, 2024

Why Smoore has been so successful?


First, the innovation of Smoore. Similar to other typical open system brands like SMOK, Smoore keeps innovation, launching new products frequently.

Second, Smoore takes good care of its intellectual rights and follows the new law and regulation changes closely.

For instance: A New York federal judge recently granted Shenzhen Smoore Technology a $5.4 million default judgment and permanent injunction against more than 100 defendants accused of selling Vaporesso and Smoore’s self-branded counterfeit goods.

Moreover, Smoore submited PMTA application and entered the second round of review.

Third, multi-brand strategy. Like FEELM for pod systems, Vaporesso for open box mod, and CCELL for CBD vaping products, they do clear and successful positioning job to occupy the mind of different customers.

Fourth, the location of Smoore. Smoore is located in Shenzhen, which is suitable for manufacturing vaping products. Shenzhen comes with a full supply chain of vaping parts, low human resource cost, low rent cost, and government policy support. They all make the vaping products from Shenzhen more competitive in market.

Fifth, Smoore is one of the oldest vaping manufacturers. It’s founded in 2009, which is one the vaping companies with the longest history. With the accumulation of time, the company experience, products, and customer quantity are all growing & improving.

Sixth, the growing global vaping and CBD trend. As we know, even a pig can fly in the eye of a storm. Though there are some setbacks in 2019 due to worldwide state regulation, we believe the growing trend will recover soon because vaping and CBD do improve the lives of people.

Why does Smoore have been so successful?

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