Thursday, June 20, 2024

SMOORE International donates 3 million HKD to help Hong Kong combat Coronavirus outburst


At the beginning of 2022, the 5th wave of Coronavirus outbreak in Hong Kong bear down with a record-breaking cases of infection. The cold of winter strikes to make the severe epidemic seemingly more concerning.
On 25th Feb 2022, the global leading vaping technology solution provider SMOORE International announces its total donation of 3 million HKD to two social groups in Hong Kong.
SMOORE has been paying full attention to the public health challenges confronted by the neighbor while consistently carrying the social responsibilities and practicing its corporate culture as of ‘be heartfelt’. The kindness carries an ongoing power, conveyed action is the soundest manifesto. Employees of SMOORE is taking actions to co-combat the pandemic in a spirit of unity.
Spring is the curing season that brings new beginning where everything comes back to life. SMOORE sends sincere blessings to Hong Kong to overcome all confronting difficulties. We shall soon embrace a warm and cheerful Spring together.

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