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Smoore rolled out anti-counterfeiting campaign again striking 3 million fake kits


Smoore‘s anti-counterfeiting campaign has made a great hit again recently. In close cooperation with law enforcement departments such as public security and with the help of the sweeping crime trend of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, Smoore maintained a high-pressure on anti-counterfeiting and made breakthroughs in Dawan District of Dongguan City. This has greatly curbed the trend of starter kit counterfeiting, effectively recovered the market order of electronic atomization, purified the market environment, and enhanced consumer confidence in the brand. It is a major victory Smoore won in anti-counterfeiting operations by arresting the counterfeiters and seizing their starter kits worth 3 million yuan.

Smoore worked with the Daling Shan Town Industrial and Commercial Institute of Dongguan City and the Daling Shan Town Criminal Investigation Brigade on September 11, raided a large-scale counterfeiting and sales base with a case value of 3 million yuan, seized relevant production equipment of counterfeit factories, and seized 13768 sets of counterfeit VAPORESSO and RENOVA series products, and seized a batch of counterfeit products. In the meantime, the actual controller of the workshop shall be detained and investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.

Smoore specializes in the research, development, production and sales of vaporizer products. It has the leading international materials research institutes and technology industrialization centers. By the end of 2018, the company has applied for more than 800 patents and been authorized more than 500 patents. Its sub-brands including VAPORESSO, RENOVA, FEELM and CCELL, which belong to the company’s own products and registered trademarks. And they have independent intellectual property rights. After years of brand accumulation, the market popularity of Smoore’s products has been increasing, and at the same time, Smoore’s products have gradually won the favor of consumers. However, with the continuous development of the company and its reputation, some lawbreakers attempt to make counterfeits and sell counterfeits in the form of wandering outside the law, copying many of Smoore’s hot-selling products into counterfeit versions and trying to make profits through such actions, which not only harms the benefits of consumers, but also damages the reputation of Smoore company. Smoore’s brand image has suffered serious negative impact.

The successful implementation of this anti-counterfeiting campaign, on the one hand, such a large amount of money involved in the counterfeit case not only shows that there is still a market for all kinds of counterfeiting and smuggling crimes in the market, the fight against counterfeiting Smoore’s facing is still very severe. On the other hand, the continued targeted launching of anti-counterfeiting action also shows that the illegal counterfeiting technological means have been strengthened, and customers need to safeguard their rights and interests with a more sharp eye; nowadays, the initiative of anti-counterfeiting has been firmly grasped in Smoore’s hands, and with the support of the police and consumer groups, the situation and strength of the counterfeit crackdown have taken place greatly. In order to fulfill corporate social responsibility and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, partners and companies, Smoore will continue to spare no effort to use legal weapons to crack down global infringing force to maintain good brand image, and purify the market to be a clean new world.

In the process of purchasing Vaporesso products, consumers should also pay attention to the sales channels in order to avoid encountering fake goods. If you have doubts about the authenticity of the products you have purchased, you can try to scan the two-dimensional code on the instructions to verify the authenticity or contact us directly to provide information on the sales channels for selling fake products. Every piece of your support for Vaporesso is the greatest motivation for us to constantly improve our product and service experience.

Fake e-cig reporting phone: 0755-61525819

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