Thursday, May 23, 2024

Luo Yonghao brings vvild electronic cigarette abroad


Foreword: It seems that Luo Yonghao has not given up e-cigarettes, this time he wants to take vvild starter kits abroad!

Luo Yonghao‘s vvild cartridge-base close tank vape is about to go abroad, and the first stop is New Zealand. How about it, do you think it is sudden?

I believe that many friends are very curious, why Luo Yonghao will expand overseas markets so soon, and also choose New Zealand, after all, the population there is only 4.92 million. What’s this? China’s Jiangsu Province have 80.507 million people, 20 times of New Zealand. In other words, the total population of New Zealand is not as large as ours, or even smaller than some cities in China.

Why did Luo choose New Zealand as the first stop in the overseas market for his vapes?

The first reason is due to strict domestic supervision! Luo had to actively seek overseas markets, and it has to been done sooner or later, it might as well be earlier!

Secondly, New Zealand is open to e-cigarettes! And New Zealand followed the UK to open a website to encourage everyone to smoke e-cigarettes! It is even run by the New Zealand Health Authority, so it is not difficult to see that the New Zealand government is welcoming e-cigarettes.

Therefore, Luo Yonghao’s promotion of vvild e-cigarettes to New Zealand is justifiable, but given the small population of New Zealand, and there are already many local e-cigarette brands in sales promotion there already, we are also concerned about the first overseas voyage of vvild vape.

Write at the end:

Luo is currently looking for a New Zealand agent, I hope he goes well!

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