vvild established a sub-brand vimizi in Indonesia to accelerate the brand’s overseas expansion

In order to accelerate the development of the Indonesian vaping market, the China e-cigarette brand vvild has opened a subsidiary brand vimizi for the Indonesian market, and will develop customized flavors and open cartridge systems according to the Indonesian market.
The vimizi brand connotation includes VI success, MI self, Zl enthusiasm. In the Indonesian market, in addition to inheriting the China product line, vimizi also launched a customized atomizer for the local market.
It is reported that vvild has learned from the mature experience in China and is working closely with the Indonesian vivo channel. With the help of this channel with a solid foundation in Indonesia, the two sides will deepen the stickiness, complement each other in terms of industrial synergy, enhance their comprehensive competitiveness, and further expand their market share in Southeast Asia influence.

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