Monday, July 22, 2024

vvild vape CEO Luo Yonghao sold 110 million yuan groceries on TikTok in 3 hours


According to the news on April 3, vvild vape Luo Yonghao finished his first live show in Douyin(TikTok) at 11:00 on the evening of April 1. Although it was the first time Luo entered the live show room, he achieved good results. The three-hour sales exceeded 110 million yuan, and the cumulative number of viewers reached 48 million, and it set the highest sales record currently known on the Douyin platform.

The groceries Luo Yonghao sold include Xiaomi gel pen, cell phone, Natsuyuki’s Tea 100 Yuan Coupon and Shin Liang Kee Crayfish, etc. At the beginning of 2020, vvild vape of Luo Yonghao also extended its business scope to medical mask production and sales due to novel coronavirus.

vvild vape CEO Luo Yonghao’s live show was very popular and ranked first among all influencers. Last year, Zhu Xiaomu, Flow vape CEO, the former “Prince of Smartisan Technology” who had a dispute with Luo Yonghao due to the equity issue of Flow vape, also showed up in the first half of the debut show, and mentioned his FLOW vape brand.

Luo Yonghao, a 48-year-old middle-aged man, is always full of the spirit of entrepreneurship. Maybe his super energy comes from his huge debt at the same time. Overall, his life is a remarkable epic.

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