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vvild vape raised 30 million yuan in financing

vvild's business plan gives itself a valuation of 400 million yuan and plans to raise 30 million yuan


On July 22, it was reported that Luo Yonghao’s first round of electronic cigarette financing had recently been completed, amounting to about 30 million yuan, which meant that Luo Yonghao, the Smartisan founder had their first external capital in place after the founding of vvild in April.

vvild electronic cigarette was founded by former Smartisan founder Luo Yonghao and Peng Jinzhou in March, 2019. In April, it released its first pod system, ranking among the top ten best-selling brands.

vvild delivers about 50,000 units offline every month and about 10,000 units online. Its supply chain is cooperated with FirstUnion. At present, there are three co-founders, CEO Peng Jinzhou, Luo Yonghao who can be regarded as CMO, and Li Jun is in charge of sales.

vvild’s business plan gives itself a valuation of 400 million yuan and plans to raise 30 million yuan. There is little difference between the actual valuation and the predicted valuation, which should be between 300 million and 400 million yuan.

On July 9, Luo Yonghao exclusively disclosed that he had chosen Canadian artist Edison Chen as the spokesman for vvild. It is rumored that the amount of money is about ten million yuan, which shows that Luo Yonghao is very bold, not only good at create marketing topics, but also very willing to spend money.

Edison Chen

Sources revealed that Luo Yonghao originally wanted to hold high-profile endorsements and new product launches at the Water Cube in Beijing , but he was afraid his too much showing off attract the government’s attention, and it has not been determined.

According to insiders, vvild’s new product will be officially released in August. This product may bear the level of Smartisan design team and it is worth looking forward to. The price may exceed most products on the market at present, and it could be priced at 500 yuan to 600 yuan.

There may be two organizations participating in this investment, one is Junsheng, which is not well-known in the Internet circle, and the other is a subsidiary of Hongta Group, a traditional tobacco brand.
According to online data, Junsheng Investment was established in 2003, focusing on China’s local direct equity investment and acquisition market. In Junsheng’s official website investment cases, related technology and Internet companies have the Tongcheng Yilong, Ningde Era, and other successful cases in banking and finance field, such as Bank of Communications, Pacific Insurance, Industrial Bank, Ping An Insurance, etc.

Hongta Group is a state-owned company brought by Chu Shijian to a comprehensive tobacco enterprise group from obscurity. There are Hongtashan, Yuxi and other cigarette brands under the flag of Hongta.

Sources revealed that a subsidiary company of Hongta participated in the financing of vvild.

All in all, Luo Yonghao is so compelling that every operation, no matter the capital operation or market speculation, leaves you a huge space for discussion and imagination.

Peng Jinzhou
Peng Jinzhou in Huawei

Peng Jinzhou has led the launch of a number of the digital bestseller, such as Honor series mobile phones, Nuts mobile phones, etc.. It is the obvious aim of Peng to make the best vapes when transferring to the vape industry.

In order to break through the encirclement, Peng Jinzhou, who is indulged in making best seller products, continues the product concept of making mobile phones and puts user experience at the top of product design philosophy. He believes that the product is the most important, the brand should give the user a practical good product.

“What we value is the improvement of user experience. E-cigarette is a product with very detailed experience, the battery life, the mouthfeel of the mouthpiece, the pod without leakage, the delicate degree of vapor, the flavor of e juice, We need to spend manpower and time to study and conquer in every link .”

Under the guidance of this concept, Peng Jinzhou launched the first e-cigarette product vvild with his own research and development team.


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