Discover the largest CBD extraction plant in China – HMI

We’ll introduce the largest CBD factory in China, Hanma Investment Group Co., Ltd. (HMI) in this article.

HMI is the only legal industrial hemp investment group in China. It’s based on the layout of the entire industrial hemp industry chain and oriented toward biopharmaceuticals. Moreover, it carries out hemp breeding, planting, extraction, R & D, production and sales on a global scale. Meanwhile, its business covers many fields such as biopharmaceuticals, food, health products, beauty cosmetics, medical devices, textiles and new materials.

As to Yunnan HEMPSOUL(Hansu) Biological Technology Co., Ltd. (Hanma CBD extraction and preparation factory; GMP standard), it’s a subsidiary of HMI.


HEMPSOUL(Hansu) has 3 major honors:

  • One of the largest single CBD extraction plants in the world
  • The only plant in the world that can extract geranyl flavonoid A
  • Benchmark enterprise in the industry of hemp extraction

Products List

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① Please contact HMI Cara below for other specifications of hemp essential oil.
② Please contact HMI Cara below for CBDV hypocannabidiol, geranyl flavonoid A

Product Pictures

Contact HMI

HMI Sales Manager: Cara Luo
Phone: +86 010 5615 4693
Mobile: +86 15600221965
Wechat id: luodan2732
Email: [email protected]

Contact HMI

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  1. Morning, I’m looking for manufacturers in the UK and USA that imports Your CBD oil and Isolate to use in their manufacturing facilities. Thank you, Pauline Birtles.

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