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iLAX vape from HMI Group with casting zinc alloy shell is launched


Hanma Investment Group Co., Ltd. (HMI Group) Subsidiary Jianma(Hainan) Boitechnology Co.,Ltd. (Jianma Biotech) held new product release meeting in 798 Art District on May,20th ,2019. We together witnessed the birth of the world’s first mirror e-cigarette. Jianma Biotech published two brands smoke oil iLAX & iOil as the first domestic pure natural PD pod vape juice.


HMI Group subsidiary Jianma Biotech developed iLAX with more than 400 days’ efforts.  HMI Group is the only legal investment company in China focusing on the whole industrial chain of industrial hemp and the direction of biopharmaceutical. HMI Group focuses on the whole industrial chain investment of industrial hemp, from breeding, planting, extraction, R&D to production and sales worldwide, covering areas of biopharmaceutical, food, health food, beauty and cosmetics, medical devices, textiles, new materials, etc. Peter Tan (Chairman of HMI Group) gave the answer at the meeting about the relationship of industrial hemp & E-cigarette.

iLAX is not related to industrial hemp ingredients, which is safe and reliable matching the people’s pursuit of health. There are about 360 million smokers in China with big demanding for smoke replacement products. It’s the reason why I determined to invest in the vape industry. I wished iLAX would become the vape industry leader racing with Juul.


iLAX selected advanced materials & process which can make perfect smoking feeling to the users. iOil is the brand of smoke oil and it is the 1st independent brand of domestic E-cigarette enterprises. iOil adopted natural PD base solution replacing of common e juice  containing VG and PG. iOil flavor no longer stayed at the stage of physical mixing of flavoring as ordinary e-liquid, which aimed to achieve a breath experience of one-mouthful smoking and multi-level presentation through the extraction and synthesis of flavoring molecules. ILAX innovates the use of 3D hot bending forming flowing glass and hot pressing casting zinc alloy as shell material, abandoning the commonly used aluminum alloy pipe drawing technology in the industry. And iLAX uses streamer glass to present aurora, deep sea, ice sheet and jadeite color inspiration to achieve this. It is also the first attempt of streamer glass material and technology applied to mobile phone backplane in electronic cigarette products through 3D thermal bending technology. In addition, the iLAX frame is made of zinc alloy, a mainstream metal material commonly used in laptops, which ensures high stability while adding layers of metallic texture to the mirror body shell.

ilax ilax

At present, the market of E-cigarette industry is still in the stage that players frequently come in and go out. The homogenization competition in the Chinese market is extremely fierce for the ranking and public recognization. At the same time, users are growing and becoming picky. More healthy products will stand out as the birth of iLax which will lead the new consumption of innovative E-cigarette products. HMI Group will continue to strengthen its scientific research strength in key industries & technologies to create world-class innovates and promote the development of industrial hemp in the field of health boosting in the future.

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