CISOO releases Scream starter kit for 19.9 yuan

On June 8, 2020, the e-cigarette brand CISOO, a subsidiary of the Hanma Group, announced that its starter kit product Scream series, competing for the e-cigarette starter kit market, and will open a summer two billion yuan subsidy activity.

At the same time, CISOO is also the third brand to launch a starter kit this year, which also indicates that the competition for e-cigarettes this year has started from starter kit pod systems.

Previously, the first disposable e-cigarette Fireflies and the multi-function prefilled pod system was K1 launched by CISOO’s first in Shenzhen and once made a sensation. The new digital channel system introduced also contributed to the realization of high repurchase of pods and the rapid development of agents and partners. At present, the monthly sales of CISOO pods have exceeded one million.

Where to buy CISOO Scream Starter Kit

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