Monday, June 17, 2024

Juul is taking over the US market and is about to enter London!


Following the $15 billion evaluation, Juul is expanding rapidly in the US and opened its first international office in London on Tuesday. After London, Juul plans to launch in three other countries.

Standing in the bustling hall of a San Francisco warehouse, the employees are sitting apart from each other and had a freshly prepared lunch in hand, and you wouldn’t know that you had just stepped into the headquarter of an e-cigarette company.

But Juul Labs is full without seam, from the basement to the attic without air conditioning, employees are everywhere. The company’s popular vape has a unique strong nicotine liquor and a unique smell of smoke. Revitalize the former flat electronic cigar industry.

After London, the company plans to open in three other countries – France, Singapore and Israel. This international initiative is comparable to the similar expansion in the United States, where the number of employees in the United States has tripled only in the past six months.

Currently, Juul’s headquarter is located at a five-story warehouse in the Douglaschi community of San Francisco (They planned to expand to a larger building across the street), with offices in 19 locations across the country. From big cities such as Boston and Chicago to smaller regions such as Des Moines, Iowa and Manchester, New Hampshire.

But as it grows, Juul faces several challenges, including local laws restricting sales of its products, concerns among teachers and parents about the evaporation of teenagers and surveys of their advertising practices.

The rise of “Juul

Juul users – some of them are current and former adult smokers; others are children and adolescents. As the most popular vape on the market, Juul even produced his own verb: “Juuling.”

However, although adult Juuling (rather than smoking) is largely considered to be good for public health because it is less dangerous than inhaling burning tobacco, juvenile Juuling is an unforeseen big problem – at least in the United States. More and more researchers are ringing the alarm about the addition of the vape pen


Scientists are particularly worried about younger users who may have never smoked but have picked up a yule of cigarettes. Because several well-designed studies have shown that young people who smoke are more likely to continue smoking traditional cigarettes.

In addition to the concerns of public health experts and researchers, Juul is also facing legal pressure. San Francisco banned the sale of spiced tobacco products last month. This includes the Juul flavor pack called JuulPods. In addition, the FDA is investigating whether Juul sells its products to teenagers.

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