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Will Trump ban on flavored vapes for the vaping-related deaths recently?


Trump says the US is moving to ban flavored e-cigarettes. Because they’ve killed 6 people. So, I guess the next step is we will have to make guns in fun flavors & see if they’ll do anything about them then? – Bette Midler

When folks heard about the news that Trump is about to ban flavored e-cigs, someone said, “IF THEY BAN MENTHOL VAPES BEFORE MENTHOL CIGS I SWEAR TO GOD FUCK THIS EARTH.” According to the heated discussion online, public are still not sure if the ban will come true.

One of the possible reasons for this ban is that in the past four years, electronic cigarette manufacturers, represented by Juul, have launched electronic cigarettes with novel flavors such as fruit, butter and chocolate, which are advertised and marketed to teenagers through social media and other communication platforms to entice them to smoke these so-called unique, seemingly harmless cool and safe flavored electronic cigarettes.

Trump targets surge in underage vaping

New ways to get flavors also started spreading

“Time to stock up I guess.” ”

“Menthol is literally the easiest ‘flavor’ to add yourself.Buy some menthol crystals (on Amazon, say). Get a 120mL glass bottle, crush 12g of crystals and put into bottle, add PG to fill (108g), stick in microwave for about 10 seconds. Put cap on bottle and shake vigorously until dissolved. Now add menthol to whatever the fuck you want.”

American people are clever enough to survive if the disaster really happens.

“Can we not do the same with other flavorings, such that all this rule will do is mean we have to buy a 120ML bottle of flavorless e-liquid, which only has 100ML in it, and a 20ML bottle of Blue Raspberry that the Vape shop just also happens to sell… go outside, mix, and we’re done? Else they try and ban vape shops from also selling flavorings. Its going to get ridiculous but they can’t stop folks – just make it harder for new folks.”

“Do you want black market vapes? Because this is how you get black market vapes.
Its almost like they know more people are likely to get sick/hurt if there are no legit businesses making vapes/juice. Scummy as hell.” VAPE HK will try to help you smuggle the vapes if unluckily the ban comes, just kidding.

Will Trump ban on vapes for the vaping-related deaths recently?
Ultimate Guide to DIY E Juice

Observing from this, folks will start making flavored vapes themselves because it’s easy and simple. Folks buy raw materials which can’t be more legal then mix it up, in seconds, your favorite flavor is born. Besides, the raw materials are pretty cheap on Amazon and even cheaper on Alibaba.

We guess the flavor factory will sell flavor and e-liquid separately. One store for the original e-liquids. Another for flavor materials. Then problems will be solved.


Folks also crack a lot

“I love when the government tries to control what grown ass adults can do just because a few people die. Meanwhile, there’s alcohol in a variety of flavors available at any liquor store.”

“Let’s keep tobacco which kills 500k-ish people per year legal but ban ecigs which aren’t necessarily connected!”

AHRF: Who pays for the 8 million deaths by smoking after banning vapes

“The logic:

A) THC carts (specifically with Vitamin E acetone) are causing the lung illnesses.

B) THC carts are not nicotine products. Vitamin E acetone is not used in any over the counter nicotine products.


C) vaping nicotine products is causing the lung illnesses

It’s a fucking joke”

“i’m going to laugh when smoking rates go back up…..”

Will Trump ban on vapes for the vaping-related deaths recently?


“This all feels quite manufactured. First the breathless media found a few deaths of “vapers”. Then they started selling this as a nationwide pandemic. Then less than a few weeks after this all began our sclerotic government is moving at the speed of light for a nationwide ban.”
“Seriously fuck this guy and his corrupt administration. Everyone and their mother knows that these deaths and illnesses have come from vaping vitamin E which is added to some THC CARTRIDGES. But no, let’s ban all nicotine vaping and allow all forms of tobacco because…”


“This is endgame…”

“To all the ‘I DONT TRUST THE MEDIA’ People.

Doesn’t change the fact that Trump’s Health Secretary said this, to reporters.

It’s not something that’s come up out of nowhere. It’s not leaked rumours. It’s a member of his administration, who would be responsible for organizing such action, confirming that is indeed the course of action currently being undertaken.

The US industry has been headed into oblivion for nearly 2 years now. Everybody paying attention knows this. This is the beginning of the end I’m afraid. Very sorry to see it, but don’t delude yourself.

Edit: And trump himself just confirmed in a press conference from the oval office. It’s done. “A few weeks” and then all flavours off the market.”

“As long as PG, VG, and Nic remain available ill bet this is exactly the way things will go if the ban does go into place.”

Will Trump ban on vapes for the vaping-related deaths recently?


“I’m not convinced yet, and I don’t know anyone who knows me personally that would say I’m an optimist. We’ll see what happens. Hold me anyway.”

“Come on over here friend, we’ll hold each other in cautious confusion.”

make american smoke again

Respond of China vape market

China electronic cigarette related stocks collapsed at once, all the industry is in pessimism.

The announcement of the FDA, which was reported by the world’s major media, reached the Chinese market this morning, and the concept of e-cigarettes listed in the open market took the lead in responding.

As soon as the news was released, the Chinese e-cigarette market began to feel the butterfly effect. Eve battery as the second shareholder of Smoore, the leading enterprise in the e-cigarette supply chain, its stock price fell by their daily trading limit, and its market value has shrunk by 4 billion yuan.

Eve battery holds 35.67% of Smoore’s shares, benefiting from Smoore‘s strong cash flow. Eve battery’s stock price and market value have soared this year.

The action of the US market will affect the global electronic cigarette market. Many founders of electronic cigarette brands are pessimistic about the impact of the news.


PMTA elaborated by FDA will help to make the flavored e-cigs legal.

Will Trump ban on vapes for the vaping-related deaths recently?


According to our study, there is a 70% chance the flavored e-cigs will be banned in the USA.

We’re sorry, folks, I hope y’all can make it out of this.

Unflavored juice isn’t bad. It’s cheaper. It doesn’t clog coils. It’s quite nice as an all day vape actually.


Act now to prevent this happening:

Stop Donald Trump from signing the federal flavor ban of e-cig products

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