Thursday, May 30, 2024

Juul electronic cigarette company is valued at $15 billion!


As for Juul vape, there is no stranger to the vape practitioners. Now I have a question, what do you think the Juul e-cigarette valuation can achieve? 20 billion? ! 30 billion? ! Or 5 billion?

With everyone’s current understanding of the industry, in RMB, this valuation is already very, very high! If you are in dollars, the valuation is even higher! But this valuation is still said to be low!

According to a report by Bloomberg last week, Juul e-cigarette raised $1.2 billion with a valuation of $15 billion, which would increase the company’s valuation to more than $16 billion.

Seeing this valuation, I can not calm down for a long time! According to statistics, the global sales of the electronic cigarette industry in 2017 was about 12 billion US dollars, but the valuation of Juul electronic cigarettes is higher than the sales of the entire electronic cigarette industry in 2017!


A few years ago, James Moncey and Adam Bowen co-founded JUUL, who applied the background of product design to finding better alternative smoking challenges. They have been smokers for years, but they are increasingly dissatisfied with the health and social impact of cigarettes. When they couldn’t find an attractive alternative to cigarettes, James and Adam recognized a groundbreaking opportunity to apply industrial design to e-cigarettes. As smokers, they know that a viable alternative to cigarettes will have to offer nicotine levels on the market with no other choice, and the result is JUUL. Guided the tide of small vape.

Some commentators say that Juul may be a big event in the future world because this e-cigarette manufacturer has a big plan to go global and want to conquer the world!

The company hopes to use the funds raised by investors to make its U-disk e-cigarettes develop outside the US and Israel. If any e-cigarette company can raise the funds and go global, it is Juul.

Although competitors are doubling, it is occupying the country – Bloomberg says startups told investors in a report that they have captured 68% of the US market in Nielsen data.

The word “Juul” is now a popular word used by people, and it also proves how good the company is doing. According to a publication, the company is a controversial investment company because it is increasingly popular among teenagers.

In order to avoid the pursuit of young people, Juul’s website clearly states that you need to be at least 21 years old to purchase its products, but teenagers have become a user of “Juul” in the school. Juul vowed to use his products against minors and set aside $30 million for this special initiative.

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