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FRYD CREAM COOKIE e-liquid review – a satisfying & pleasant flavor- DirtyCheck No. 34



Hi, this is Captain Dirty. In the first two issues, we shared the new devices of Asmodus to everyone. Should we enter the recommendation of e-liquid next? That ‘s right, today I bring you a strange old friend, also a long-term use e-liquid brand of Captain Dirty, the cream cookie vape juice of the FRYD series.

Brand Introduction

FRYD is actually a branch of the American label DV. DV has produced an e-liquid that was once a top seller in the world, and it is also a relatively large manufacturer in the United States. FRYD may be strange to you, or you are more familiar with the two e-liquids, Banana and Oreo cookie in the early years. Of course, they are FRYD series, and the name of this e-liquid fits. No matter what age you are in, you can’t refuse the crisp taste that this cooking method brings.

Production Introduction

Product Packaging


From the packaging point of view, it’s basically a comprehensive packaging. No matter it is warning information, manufacturer information, etc., it is done very well. This package is actually a box of two bottles in the United States, so the box is relatively large. After being represented by BRUCE in China, it became a packaged bottle. First, it’s convenient to sell and lowered the sales threshold. Second, it reduces consumption risks for consumers.

It also features the special bottle body. This rounded cap package has abandoned the design of the mainstream gorilla bottle body.

White the refilling head is a contradictory white color, the e juice quality is good. The packaging is not a big deal.


Specifications & tastes

Flavors include 3mg and 6mg nic strength, both in 60mL bottles
Fried chocolate cookie
Fried toffee cake
Fried banana slices
Fried ice cream
Fried cinnamon cake


User Experience

Among so many flavors, why did the Captain Dirty choose the “chocolate cookie” flavor? There is a reason. Everyone knows that the chocolate flavor with FRYD’s logo, means greasy. However, this fried chocolate cookie feels very delicate, crisp, and the overall sweetness is adjusted to the best state. This is the magic of this e juice. The taste of the crispy cookies and the flavor of the rich milk chocolate make it truly unforgettable. It feels like real food.

Testing Parameters

Take 6mg of Captain Dirty as an example,
The resistance value should be around 0.88-1.2 ohm.
Ni80 Ni70, 28ga 30ga double heating coil fits best.



When experiencing the taste of the FRYD series in general, the flavor of its FRYD theme stands out. It brings people the experience of eating crispy & fried food with soft texture. In the whole process, the expression of sweetness is appropriate. So the overall flavor combination brings vaper a very satisfactory experience. As to the carbon deposit of FRYD e-liquid, it’s seen clearly and frequently at a high speed. While considering its rich fragrance experience, it’s not a big issue anymore.


OK. Vape How We roll, All in TrueToy

I’m Captain Dirty. See you next time.

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FRYD CREAM COOKIE is a satisfying & pleasant e-liquid. FRYD CREAM COOKIE e-liquid review - a satisfying & pleasant flavor- DirtyCheck No. 34