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What’s the alternative of ceramics atomizing core in pod vapes? – ESUN PRO NotchCoil review


Someone asks Vapehk a good question, “What’s the alternative of the ceramic atomizing core?” Here is the new technology that can change the current situation of the atomizer in vapes!

Battery, atomizing core (device) and e juice are the three elements of vapes, which complement each other. And the overall user experience is completely determined by the three parts in the vapes.

Atomizing core” is the key of vapes among the three, which is used for converting electrical energy into heat energy, heating the e juice and producing vapor. It resembles the “engine” or “heart”, or the Intel CPU to the computer. And the material and structure of the atomizing core directly determine the user experience of the electric cigarettes.

In recent years, the fever of pod system products keeps rising, which promotes the development of vape atomization technology. From the early cotton core with metal coils to the popular metal-coated ceramic technology, the products become more and more reliable and bring a better experience for users.

ceramic core
The ceramic atomizing core for pod vapes

At present, the vast majority of pod vapes on the market have adopted ceramic atomization technology, which is characterized by smooth and pure flavor and a high degree of flavor restoration. Ceramic atomization technology and nicotine salt technology have become the current “standard configuration” of pod vapes, and have been seated on the throne of pod vape atomization technology firmly.

In fact, ceramic materials have a long history in the application of vape products. Early RTA such as Rose, Caesar and BF99 have already applied ceramic materials, especially SQR atomizer, which was once famous for its good flavor in the user group, and its core is also made of ceramic materials.

(atomizer with ceramic material)

Although ceramic material atomization technology has many advantages, there are also some “congenital deficiencies“. In the technical iteration, engineers have always been optimizing and improving the sealing, e juice conductivity and material strength.

Although the history of electronic cigarette is not too long, new materials and technologies emerge endlessly in the development history of electronic cigarette, and it’s full of innovative spirit and wisdom of electronic cigarette practitioners, innovation will never stop!

Recently, new technology in the field of pod vape atomization has attracted the attention of the industry again. If this technology is successfully applied in the pod systems, it will not only change the pod systems, but also change the situation of the pod system atomization technology.

This technology is not really “new”. As early as three years ago, Joyetech has successfully applied it to RBA, and achieved remarkable results – Joyetech’s patents from R&D

Heating technology of NotchCoil stainless steel mesh core

NotchCoil, which uses stainless steel mesh around April 2016, triggered a heated discussion among users, and the author also made relevant reviews at that time.

The technical feature of NotchCoil can be summarized as follows:
NotchCoil increases the heating area by more than 50% under the same length than the traditional heating wire coil, and the atomization becomes more uniform and full.
NotchCoil’s thickness is very thin, its heat is high and fast, which greatly reduces the preheating time after power-on.
NotchCoil is made of medical grade SUS 316L stainless steel, which is acid and alkali resistant, stable in composition, more secure in safety and prolonged its in-service life.
NotchCoil is made of stainless steel and has a “temperature control” ability. This atomizing coil can work under normal conditions and in the corresponding stainless steel temperature control mode.
Produce a large amount of vapor at the same time, but also ensure a good flavor, compared with the traditional heating coil, it’s much different clearly.

The application of NotchCoil technology in pod system atomization is quite unexpected, because NotchCoil has its own limitations like ceramic technology though NotchCoil is good:
The NotchCoil heat emission rate on RBA cannot keep up with the accumulation heat rate though it has a large heating area and a fast heating speed, which will cause high temperature of the device.
The huge heat and heating speed are an ordeal for the cotton and vape juice conduction structure, and it is easy to burn the vape juice conductive materials.
Large heating area, low resistance of stainless steel and fast heating speed are all the requirements for box mod, not pod systems.

Pod systems, on the other hand, pay attention to flavor smoothness and purity, which seems to be different from Notch Coil. Moreover, Notch Coil’s resistance value is relatively low, and it needs much more power to drive. However, due to the shape and size limitation, the power of pod system is not enough to drive this coil.

However, unsuitability does not mean impossibility. Such examples have been proven numerous times in the electronic cigarette industry.

Joyetech has never abandoned the optimization and improvement of Notch Coil for more than three years, and finally developed Notch Coil Mini “square and circular mesh core” and successfully applied it in the field of pod vape atomization.

NotchCoil Mini was originally designed as a square. After continuous optimization and improvement, it adapted to a smaller size. Then it was finalized as a cylindrical “square-circle mesh core” from which it got its name.

ESUN, as the exclusive brand authorized to use the patent technology of NotchCoil Mini square mesh core in the current market, will be launched soon with the product ESUN PRO, which carries the square mesh core. This means that ceramic atomization technology will encounter a strong competitor, and the future pod atomization technology and product pattern will also change.

Its user experience is also similar to that of ceramic technology. Ceramics has achieved great success. So will the actual performance of “Notch Coil Mini Square Circular Core” really have the strength to compete with ceramic technology

The author got the test sample of ESUN PRO. Although it is not the final retail version, it has basically been finalized in the atomization core. Through practical experience, let’s see how the “square and circular mesh core” is applied to pod vapes.

The internal structure of the atomization core is very similar to the typical structure of a RBA atomizer, in which the square and circular mesh core is laid transversely, and the e-liquid conducting cotton runs through it.
Organic cotton is used as the vape juice conducting medium in the “square mesh” atomization core. If the cotton core is not properly treated, e-liquids leakage will occur. In order to fit the e-liquids conducting cotton of the “square mesh core” coil, ESUN PRO adopts multi-layer design in the packaging of the atomization core, using silicone material and unique structure to avoid vape juice leakage.

Remove the coil, then remove the vape juice cotton, the “square circle mesh core” has a smaller overall volume, and its appearance is no different from the previous version of the box mod, power supply mode also uses two electrode lead welding on both sides of the coil.
The length of the coil is 4.8 mm, the outer diameter is 1.9 mm, the shell thickness is 0.1 mm and the mesh clearance is 0.25 mm.

In practical experience, the “square and round mesh core” retains its own unique style in the vape juice vaporizing and the reductive degree of flavors, with pure flavor, clear layers and smooth experience.
Under large area uniform heating, the vape juice can be fully atomized, very delicate, smooth and pure.

At the same time, the unique mellow and thick flavor style of cotton shows up. Although some people think that the vape juice flavor difference of cotton is like a mystery, electronic cigarette has always been such a unique thing, the same vape juice has different flavor under different resistances, different structures, different vape juice conducting materials and different power.

In terms of performance, “square and circular mesh core” benefits from the thickness of ultra-thin material, and enters the working state very quickly. Even in the first vaping of the cold device state, there is no obvious difference in the sense of flavors. Every heating keeps a stable flavor.

The author care about two main aspects, one is the heat amount, and the other is whether the vape juice supply efficiency can match that. Because these two points were once Notch Coil’s weakness in the field of box mod.

The structure of pod vape is relatively compact and its size is smaller. These two points become the key to judge whether the atomization technology of NotchCoil Mini square mesh core has practical value in pod vapes.
The actual experience results exceeded the author’s expectations, and within five consecutive mouths, there was almost no obvious change in temperature outside the device. When the pods was pulled out, the surface temperature was only warm and hot.

The surface temperature of device and pods increases with the continuous use of more than 10 mouths of vaping, but the temperature change is not very large. It is totally acceptable. Only the metal contact part at the bottom of the atomizing core has a higher temperature.
Forgive me for not being prepared enough. I don’t have a laser thermometer around me. I can only describe it by feeling.

With a larger heating area and higher heating efficiency, but in the compact size of pod vapes, and its low body temperature can be maintained. In addition to the targeted optimization of heat dissipation, the author personally believes that the inherent characteristics of “square and circular mesh core” material archives that. TCR data of 316L stainless steel material is added to the chip to realizing “frequency conversion output”, that is, the temperature control. The so-called “temperature control function” controls atomization within a specific temperature (resistance value).

Although the official did not disclose more details, from the published information, ESUN PRO has the function of “anti-dry burning” protection, which is realized by the vape temperature control technology. So the author infers since the atomization core can be controlled in a lower temperature range, it should rely on “temperature control frequency conversion output”. Not only can the problem of high temperature be solved, but also the problems of dry burning and poor vape juice supply are solved, and the “power saving” ability is also attached.

It can be seen that the application of “square and round mesh core” in pod vapes not only has excellent performance in flavor experience, but also provides a simpler “temperature control” solution for pod vapes.

In terms of reliability, although the test version is in my hands, the bottom of the cartridge has not been sealed and strengthened as the formal retail version, and even a small screwdriver can easily disassemble it, in a few days, there is no obvious condensate on the surface of the cartridge and inside the device. And there is even no condensate gathered on the surface of the air tunnel in the suction port.

Therefore, even though cotton is used as oil conducting medium in the “square and round mesh core”, the inherent defects of “cotton core is easy to leak” are prevented and the reliability is greatly improved by optimizing the packaging and sealing method.


“Square-circle mesh core” atomization technology is relatively low cost, simple process, high yield, simple packaging, has a larger heating area, and the heater is directly in contact with the conducting cotton and vape juice, its atomization effect is more sufficient, the thickness of heating outer shell is only 0.1 mm, very conducive to heat. It not only has advantages in vape juice and flavor, but also simplify the product structure, which provides more possibilities for product development.

“Square circle mesh core” is made of medical SUS 316L stainless steel. It is not only safer in material, but also inherently has “temperature control” ability. It can realize temperature control function without any modification of heating body and atomization structure. It is tantamount to providing a simple, efficient and low-cost “interface” that can be “plug and use” in creating “differentiated” and “intelligent” electronic cigarette products.

In the long run, it will promote the diversification of atomization technology, and then introduce the development and innovation of atomization technology into the fast lane, forming a new situation of diversified development.

ESUN PRO, as a vape product exclusively using “NotchCoil Mini Square Circle Core” patent atomization technology, will be officially launched in June, then you will experience the real performance of “Square Circle Core”. In a word, it is worth looking forward to.

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