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ESUN pod system review – Vape juice & core separation structure


The proportion of domestic smokers in the world is obviously larger. Whether it is social or business etiquette, exchanging a cigarette is the first step to start many topics. And giving cigarettes as gifts is also a way to build relationships among domestic smokers. However, after the popularity of pod vapes in 2018, many people choose to send pod vapes as gifts.

We’ll share a pod system called ESUN today. Unlike many popular pod vapes in the market, it has the banner of 0 Nicotine Content in Cartridge and the sales gimmick of “Edible Capsules”… However, regardless of various marketing methods, in fact, every brand is just trying to find a breakthrough in the period when the product competition is fierce. ESUN also has a breakthrough as cartridge e-liquids & core separation technology.

The device body size is 94.2X10.5X8.5MM, using 350mAh capacity built-in battery, charging time is 30-45 minutes, universal mini-USB interface. Although it mainly promotes 0 nicotine content cartridge, the actual packaging is still equipped with two 5% concentration of cartridges (mint/tobacco), and “0 nic content” cartridge is with a slightly cool loquat flavor.

The device body uses skin-like surface treatment and holds a fairly good feel in the hand. Portable vape like this pen-shaped design has become the mainstream product in electronic cigarettes. The pod in the picture above is unsealed. It can be seen that there is a milky white silica gel sealing valve at the suction nozzle. Next, let’s take a look at this “e-liquid & core separation cartridge”.

It needs to be pulled out of the opalescent silica gel of the cartridge before using. And the pod should be stationary for a few minutes before using. Although many manufacturers of pods on the market have already used up and down silica gel sleeves, in fact, they have not completely separated the atomizing core from the vape juice, while ESUN’s use of this way makes a significant difference in preventing e-liquids leakage caused by the air pressure in transportation.

The connection between the pod and the device adopts the “male/female” combination of links, through the convex silica gel and the depression of the cartridge for connection sealing, after the connection, a more reliable air tightness driving pneumatic switch can be produced, which makes the ignition process more sensitive, and also makes the condensation production location more centralized and easy to clean up.

The connection between the pods and the device is not a common form of magnetic attraction. They are clamped and positioned through a concave-convex processing position on the edge, and the connection is stable. The line closure and opening at the suction nozzle of the cartridge are obviously orientated toward the mouth vaping. They are designed for users who quit smoking or substitute for smoking.

The two nicotine-containing pods are ordinary, and the more common flavors of tobacco (flue-cured tobacco) and mint are not unfamiliar to everyone. Loquat flavor of “0 content” pod is loquat moisturizing larynx sugar taste. The difference is quite large between the actual use of nicotine 0% and 5%, indeed, “0 content” is useless to smoking addiction.

The “edible capsule” labeled by the manufacturer has not yet been matched in this trial set. The tight smoking resistance of the pods fits well with the habit of users who quit smoking. The mainstream structure of the honeycomb ceramic core also brings clean and pure flavor. ESUN is about the same as all kinds of pod systems on the market. And its only advantage is its closed cartridge design. It’s a very reliable design for friends who need to take planes on business.

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