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Esun pod vape takes the use of Joyetech box mod atomizing tech first in the world


As we all know, batteries, atomizers and e-liquids are the three major elements of vape, which complement each other. All the parts have a great impact on the product as a whole. Among them, “atomization core” is the key of vapes, which is in charge of converting electrical energy into heat energy, heating and atomizing e-liquids, generating vapor, which resembles “engine” and “heart”. The material and structure of the atomization core directly determine the user experience of the product.

ceramics atomizing core

From the early cotton core plus metal coil to the popular metal-coated ceramics technology, with the continuously growing needs for pod products, the atomization technology of vapes is also constantly developing. The vast majority of pod systems on the market have adopted ceramic atomization technology at present, which is characterized by pure taste and high restoration of flavor. Though there are many advantages in ceramic materials atomization technology, there are also some “congenital shortcomings” in it. In the technical iteration, engineers have been optimizing and improving the sealing, e juice conductivity and material strength all the time.

A new technology in pod vape atomization – Notch Coil Mini stainless steel square-circular heating mesh, has attracted vast attention from the vape industry again recently. As early as three years ago, Joyetech has applied this patented Notch Coil to the RBA atomizer successfully, and achieved remarkable results, triggering the trend of mod vape atomization technology.

Notch Coil Mini stainless steel square-circular heating mesh

However, NotchCoil technology has the characteristics of large heating area, low electricity resistance of stainless steel and fast heating speed, it needs higher capacity and more power to drive. Due to the restraint of shape, the power of pod systems cannot satisfy it. Therefore, this technology has not been applied to pod vapes for a long time.

But unsuitability does not mean impossibility. Joyetech has never abandoned the optimization and improvement of Notch Coil in the past three years, and finally developed Notch Coil Mini square-circular mesh core and successfully applied it to the pod system atomization successfully.

square-circular heating mesh

NotchCoil Mini was originally designed as a square. After continuous optimization and improvement for matching the pod vapes, it was finalized as a circular shape, named “square-circle mesh core” since that.

ESUN, as the exclusive brand authorized to use the patent technology of NotchCoil Mini square-circular mesh core on market, has been pre-sold on the market. This means that ceramic atomization technology will usher in a strong competitor, and the future pod system atomization technology and product pattern will change.

Born for mod vapes, but applied in the pod vapes, it looks similar to the history of ceramics heating tech. Will NotchCoil Mini squar-circular mesh succeed like ceramics heating tech with its actual performance?

esun pro

I got a sample of ESUN PRO. Although it is not the final retail version, it has basically been finalized in the atomization core. Through practical experience, the medical grade SUS 316L stainless steel with square-circular mesh core is not only safer in material, but also retains its unique style in the evaporation of the e-liquids and flavors. It has pure, clear layers and accurate reducibility of flavors. E-liquids can be fully atomized under large area uniform heating, very delicate, smooth vaping experience.

square-circular heating mesh

In terms of performance, “square and circular mesh core” benefits from the thickness of ultra-thin materials, and enters the working state very quickly. Even at the first vaping in the cold state, there is no obvious difference to the second. Regarding the doubts about the matching of heat value and e-liquid supply efficiency, the results of the actual experience of ESUN PRO exceeded my expectation. With the continuous five times of vaping, the temperature outside the vape device could hardly feel a significant change. When the pod was pulled out, the surface temperature was only warm. The surface temperature of shell and pods rises with a continuous 10 times of vaping, but the range is not very large. It is totally acceptable. Only the metal contact part at the bottom of the atomizing core has a higher temperature.

This larger heating area and higher heating efficiency maintain a lower device temperature in the compact structure of pod system space, mainly due to the inherent characteristics of the “square mesh core” material, which adds TCR data of stainless steel SUS316 L material to the chip to achieve “frequency conversion output”, that is, the so-called “temperature control”, will control atomization at a specific temperature (Resistance value) within the scope, that is, the anti-dry burning function mentioned in the propaganda of ESUN PRO. This point for creating “differentiated” and “intelligent” electronic cigarette products, is tantamount to providing a simple, efficient and low-cost “interface” realzing 1 step easy vaping.

In terms of reliability, the bottom of the cartridge has not been sealed and strengthened as the formal retail version, and a small screwdriver can easily disassemble it, in a few days, there is no obvious condensate on the surface of the cartridge and inside the device, and even the condensate gathered on the surface of the air intake hole has never entered mouth.

esun pro


The cost of “square-circular mesh” atomization is relatively low, its production process is simple, meanwhile, it has a larger heating area. Moreover, the heating core is in contact with e-liquid conducting cotton and vape juice,  making the atomization effective. The thickness of the heating core is only 0.1mm, which is very conducive to heat conduction. It not only has advantages in vapor volume and smooth flavor, but also simplifies the structural complex design related to the product, which provides more possibilities for new product development.

In the long run, it will promote the diversification of atomization technology, and then boost the development and innovation of atomization technology into the fast lane, forming a new situation of vape industry diversified development.


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