Thursday, June 20, 2024

Main sales channels of electronic cigarette products in China


How to buy vapes in China. Following are the major ways:

1. Physical store

Search Baidu map and you’ll see the location of brands’ physical stores.

You can also find them on the brands’ Wechat page.

2. Official Wechat page

Each manufacturer will develop a supporting IT support system on Wechat page, and there will be a corresponding traffic undertaking function in the public account. Online customer service can also respond to some technical consultation and purchase needs, and your adult identity to purchase still needs to be verified.

3. Official 400 phone

Each one is different, and Baidu itself.

4. Wechat sales team

In addition to the recommended “near store” physical store purchase channels, there are countless micro-business groups, which have their own purchases, and some agents dropship products. There are some counterfeit products among them, be careful.

Finally, our kind reminding, don’t be greedy for cheap goods. I’m referring to cheaper than the [70 yuan/box for 3 pods]. This price can also be OK for sales, but the profit is poor. Maybe the buyer’s order volume is super large, maybe the seller’s channel is more advanced, maybe there is a problem with the goods.

By the way, VAPE HK also have some genuine vapes & pods in stock, welcome to take a look here.

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