ALD: Thinking and discussion on the development of domestic vape industry

ALD Xu Taoxu shared his views on the development of electronic cigarettes in China. In this sharing, Xu said that the development of electronic cigarettes in China is relatively rapid in the past two years, which has a very close relationship with the development of electronic cigarettes abroad. Once the demand market for electronic cigarettes is opened or paid attention to, it may be irresistible.

Xu Taotao, Vice General Manager of ALD Group

In 2015 and before, domestic attention to e-cigarettes was very low. Until RELX, JUUL and other electronic cigarette brands became famous especially in 2018. Some popular events, such as RELX received 38 million investment, JUUL’s $13 billion year-end awards for employees, made the domestic attention to electronic cigarettes rapidly increased.

Simo 3.0 – 2311 for $6

Regarding the development of electronic cigarettes in China, ALD Marketing Department counted the domestic electronic cigarette production from 2013 to 2018, conservatively estimating there is about 2.2 billion sets of vapes output per year in China. In addition, by comparing the consumer market of electronic cigarette with Bluetooth headset, we can see that the consumer market of electronic cigarette has surpassed that of Bluetooth headset. The domestic market is expected to reach 3 billion to 4 billion yuan in 2019, but there is still a large gap between the overseas vape market scale.

Ziizai vape and Xiron new boundary-crossing cooperation

Vape enterprises usually choose music, cars and movies for cross-field cooperation. People have seen Ziizai electronic cigarettes choose to cooperate with books brand Xiron recently.

Ziizai Electronic Cigarette worked with Xiron Group to launch a cross-border activity of “Swim in Book Sea with Xiron, Free Travel with Ziizai” on the “520” festival on May 20.

As for the reasons for choosing the book brand, it is said that “Selecting good books makes reading a comfortable thing, and knowledge accompanies you forever.” This activity coincides with the fearless and free spirit at liberty of Ziizai vape.

Xiron Group (Beijing Xiron Book Co., Ltd.) is a comprehensive cultural entertainment group, engaged in research and development, production and sales of all kinds of cultural and creative products. It has four major business sectors: Xiron books, Xiron entertainment, Xiron literature, Xiron animation.

This time, the main cooperation of the Xiron book club, published a list of millions of best-selling book writers – Mingyue, Nanpai Sanshu, Feng Tang, Wang Meng, Zhi Yuhe, Dongye Guiwu… Xiron reading not only produces best-selling books, but also pays more attention to the spiritual world of 30 million bookmates.

As to this cooperation, the person in charge said that cross-border marketing with well-known brands such as Xiron and constantly building momentum on-line and off-line is very important to improve the brand awareness and reputation of Ziizai in China and occupy the mind of customers in the vape industry.

Starbucks’ biggest enemy is not Luckin Coffee, but …

Next ofo? Huge losses? Crazy expansion?

Since its inception in the market, Luckin Coffee has attracted numerous controversies, but in any case, even in such a controversial environment, Luckin Coffee, which has only been brewed for 18 months, finally went listed in Nasdaq, USA.

Starbucks has only opened thousands of stores in China for more than a decade, while Luckin Coffee has opened the first thousand in just one year. After a period of time, it started to compete with Starbucks publicly, giving people a sense that the Luckin Coffee and Starbucks is actually at the same level.

Behind the Luckin phenomenon, the whole coffee industry has become popular in China.

Of course, such phenomena are naturally supported by the great background. As the “newest consumers” of coffee, “post-80s” and “post-90s”, have already taken coffee as granted as a drink.
If people thought coffee was just a pastime for petty bourgeois life before then, in the eyes of post-80s and post-90s, coffee, a caffeine-containing drink, had long become a necessity in their lives.
Coffee represents a unique culture. In the early sixteenth century, coffee began to spread to Europe. There were countless cafes in Britain at that time, but only men were allowed to enter.
Men talk about politics, literature and commerce in coffee houses. So in countless cafes, new literature, philosophy and art are all born.
Because of this, coffee has been associated with the French cultural industry, forming a unique “coffee culture”.
Nowadays, in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a new way of getting coffee is emerging.
Starbucks has been working with Alibaba online since August 2018. And Starbucks has launched its own “special star delivery” service, which further extends the experience and coverage of Starbucks.
“Internet + coffee” is a new way to get coffee, so that you can enjoy the pleasure of a cup of coffee even if you stay indoors.

In this era of people’s increasing pursuit of portability and speed, in addition to this “Internet + coffee acquisition mode”, there are some other ways of coffee acquisition emerged at the historic moment.
Coffee, as a liquid, is sometimes not so easy to carry. So relying on this foundation, a kind of “solid coffee” came into being.
This “solid coffee” exists in a variety of forms. It can be a “coffee chocolate” or a “coffee candy”.
Whatever “solid coffee” is, it meets people’s “portable coffee need”. However, this kind of “solid coffee” has a great defect in the retention of coffee flavor, making it impossible to relish the aroma of coffee.
In addition to the edible coffee acquisition method, a company has launched a product about “coffee inhalation acquisition method“.

Isn’t it strange to get coffee by inhalation? But that’s how the company does it.
It’s easy to be constrained by some factors when we get coffee every day.
For example, some people like the environment in which coffee is made. In addition to the demand for coffee, these people also pursue a sense of smell for coffee. In addition to tasting the delicious coffee, you can also enjoy the enjoyment of the smell when you cook coffee.
For example, some people hope that coffee can be carried in a more portable way, which can greatly reduce the cost of time and add more fun to their lives.
And this inhaled coffee is more portable, to a large extent, to meet the needs of people’s portability scenario. And just take a breath to enjoy the fragrance of coffee that lingers between the lips and teeth. Getting coffee in this way means you don’t have to hold a cup anymore! Just need a small electronic cigarette, you can put it in your bag at will, so that you can enjoy the taste of coffee anytime and anywhere.
Moreover, this inhaled coffee acquisition method also largely meets the needs of some people who can not enjoy coffee due to physiological reasons such as stomach disease. Coffee can be enjoyed by inhalation, and the gas will not harm the stomach.
This kind of inhaled coffee is portable and delicious. It meets the needs of most people for coffee acquisition and is likely to become a “new future” for the public to obtain coffee.
I actually want to do a little survey here. Do you think this kind of inhaled coffee will become the future of coffee acquisition?

Wel, which has been focusing on pod system research, has launched a coffee-flavored vape cartridge.
This vape could be the master of “inhaled coffee”. Besides its portability, it restores the mellow aroma of coffee perfectly.

WEL pod vape review – Vibration notification function inside

Pod-changing vape is an electronic cigarette product completely different from the type of mod vapes. What users will pay attention to before purchasing is obviously the flavor and price of the finished kit, and whether the device itself has serious leakage or major use defects. When the choice is made, the consumer will buy it without hesitation.

We’ll share a starter kit called WEL called Wel today. This article will describe the experience of using this vape in detail. First of all, the main specifications of this product:
Battery capacity: 350 mAh
Charging time: 45-60 minutes
Device weight: 20G
Device Specification: 118X20.6X10.6MM
Cartridge capacity: 2.1ML
Vape Resistance: 0.3 Ohm
Cartridge nicotine concentration: 2%-3.5%

In addition to the use of the anti-condensation design in the opening of suction nozzle, the overall structure of WEL is similar to most of the pod systems. It is still alumina grinding surface, pen-shaped magnetic absorption structure, universal USB charging interface, and has a good grasp in hand. One of WEL’s most recognizable conveniences is its vibration feedback signals: connection the atomizer / vibration once, charging notification / vibration for 4 seconds.

The “W” sign at the bottom of the pole is a hollow-out LED signal lamp. A special feature of this WEL is that the device will respond with vibration when inserting a pod and charging. A single white LED signal lamp will flash four times continuously when the battery is in low power.

The nicotine strength of the two original pod is different, the tobacco flavor is 3.5% and the mango is 2%. You need to try it yourself to see if the flavor is good or not. After all, the cartridge preference is different according to the needs of different users. The emphases of use experience must be the whole suction resistance of WEL. WEL with two air holes in the device body does not have a compact vaping experience in use. It’s suction resistance is comfortable and smooth with only slight resistance, which is slightly looser than some “compact” pods which are completely designed for quitting smoking.

WEL’s cartridges does not leak, and the grunting sound after long-term use is also an obvious signal to prompt users to clean up the condensation. The packaging of the pod system is designed as an gift. Because WEL has small box package inside the big box like a typical gift. Although it seems that there is not much difference compared to other pod vapes, the use of vibration feedback in the form of VAPE PEN in pod vape products is rare. Friends who like novelty may wish to try it.

VANGO pod system start kit review – Relative lower nicotine strengh with strong thoat hit

The era of electronic cigarettes with the pod system has brought great good news to countless smokers. There were only 4 million users of electronic cigarettes in China two years ago. At that time, electronic cigarettes were still in the era of mod vapes, and users of electronic cigarettes were more “players”. Today in 2019, portable, simple and easy pod systems are well known to the public, and electronic cigarette users are also growing rapidly to nearly 15 million, and this data is growing.

The pod system with its cigarette replacing effect is getting more and more popular, which make the cake of vapes get more familiar to many interested people. Thanksgiving manufacturers try to bring out the best products in return to consumers, but there are still some manufacturers, using plagiarism shape, OEM and other schemes, leading the “fast food culture” of electronic cigarettes to the extreme, and even making the plagiarism brand bigger and stronger, but expressing the “appearance patent” and other ridiculous words to customers.

Pod system products in electronic cigarettes, under the analysis of large data, show that the degree of appearance plagiarism is very heavy, even more than 80% of the appearance of pod vapes are made using “public molds”, and they have not integrated with any innovation of their own. And it seems that it has become the reason of “saving money” even under the minmal change of appearance.  Though the author and many users thought that good user experience and good flavors are the major points a pod system should have, there are still lots of aspects that need improvement.

VANGO pod system, with a certain degree of differentiation, is full of attraction for me. VANGO ‘s pod vapes are packed in a gift box in white color which is good looking. The front side is printed with relief product preview image according to different product color . VANGO’s LOGO are the most attractive spot. Using their unique style, they print VANGO LOGO on them that impress the user at first glance. On the back are the product internal configuration table and Chinese introduction, as well as two-dimensional code, bar code and “Minors are not allowed to use” and other important notices. The LOGO is very concise and mixed with a sense of technology.

Open the drawer box, it attaches a plastic baffle with the words “I’m here, The VANGO MOMTET” tag to prevent the product from falling around. The inside is also very concise. The inside of the card has Chinese instructions, USB charging line and two cartridges, and the main body of the vape device embedded separately on the right side. Instead of calling it a brochure, I prefer to compare it to a paper version of PPT – it even has the words “user’s love truth and confession” printed on it, which shows that it compares users to “lover” to cherish companionship.

At present, VANGO products are classified into four types: classic black, gray, starry blue and flame red. It also has a variety of flavors. The cartridge flavors are refreshing mint and Chinese tobacco. The nicotine salt content of the pod is also divided into 2% and 3%, which meet the needs of different user groups. The content of 1.8ML cartridge is relatively normal. Whether it can meet the daily use needs depend on the need of different groups of people.

Features in brief:
The appearance of the cartridge is common.
But the area where it touches the lips has been adjusted a little.
A curve shape with concave sides and gentle downward sliding in the middle.
It fits the lips very well.
It doesn’t cause any discomfort and lip fatigue when using
VANGO Pod Atomizer
FEELM’s high technology structure,
It is the ceramic core of metal film atomization technology.
The inscription can be seen below the cartridge.
On the back prints the cartridge flavor.
And the identification of nicotine salt content.
FEELM High Technology Ceramic Atomizing Core
You must be familiar with it.
Because I’ve explained it many times before.
I will not repeat it here.

Product appearance:
The appearance of the device body is a rare differentiated product I have ever seen. The products are made of moderately thick aluminum alloy. Besides the anodic oxidation process, the device also has a matte polishing film, which is low-key and luxurious at the same time. In the middle of the product is slightly raised, the cutting surfaces on both sides are smooth and neat, which boosts the comfort of the user when holding the product. The finger joint will not produce the sense of cutting hands and fatigue at all, which conforms to the ergonomic design. 350 mAh battery capacity does not hinder daytime use at all, and you can fully charge it in 45 minutes.

The front of the product is engraved with VANGO image LOGO breathing lamp, while the back is printed with VANGO  text LOGO. The design of double air intake on both sides seems to be a larger air intake hole vape according to my observation, but the realistic situation should be based on the use of the product.

The most obvious difference between the top and the bottom is that the top is not a smooth circular interface, nor a deep concave design, but a cutting design with the top bulging and the two sides pressing down, like an open embrace to welcome the advent of the atomizing core. The magnetic suction design of the cartridge and the interface also makes the two just stick to each other. The bottom USB interface is U-shaped, which will be wrapped tightly in the same style as the top interface. The chamfering design is also made on both sides, which will not affect the hand feel.

Taste introduction:
Chinese Tobacco:
This pod has strong reducibility. The light paper wood aroma of tobacco can be restored properly, and the throat hit during vaping is not as strong as that of tobacco, but the instantaneous flavor at the entrance is very strong. Some products are similar to those of heat not burn products to restore the flavor of cigarette, which is more alike the real flavor experience of cigarettes. Although the content of nicotine salt is only 2%, the feeling after a few deep breaths is still very addictive. This kind of tobacco has a high degree of flavor reduction, and even the old smoker will like it much.

Strong mint:
The feeling of mint is purer. The fragrance of mint leaves mixed with a little xylitol is sweet and smooth. As a user of refreshing style, it is still a good choice to use it as summer addiction relief. Compared with Chinese tobacco, it contains more nicotine salt, but it is not too stimulating and does not have a sense of upside. This cartridge is very suitable for  users who likes refreshing feeling, especially those who like to smoke mint cigarettes, is undoubtedly a good choice.

VANGO pod system starter kit
This product has a certain degree of differentiation,
Business style in low profile.
But it added his own youth element.
The cartridge uses FEELM high tech ceramic core.
Although nicotine salt content is lower than most cartridges on the market,
But it has a reductive flavor and a strong throat hit
And its smoothness is not disappointing.
The PPT instructions are impressive.
And the LOGO on its packaging is also eye-catching.

YouMe, known as Apple’s royal manufacturer, raised 73.6 million yuan for HNB pruduction

Shenzhen YouMe Group has received 73.6 million yuan investment at the first angel round financing recently. And as Apple‘s most important manufacturer, YouMe Group won the top capital support this time mainly relying on its super R&D strength.

Due to the restriction of core technology barriers, the vape products on the domestic market are mostly alike, which makes it difficult for the manufacturers in China to form a famous brand like JUUL.

An early venture investor said: “Now many teams with mobile phone background and new media background are making e-cigarettes. I prefer to choose a team with e-cigarette factory background.” He said. “Because on the one hand, such a team is guaranteed in the supply chain and design side, and can quickly iterate on the original basis to truly solve the real problems like common e juice leakage, core dry burning, ect. On the other hand, some brand operators already have great market operation and sales channel capabilities, and have the experience of bringing products overseas.”


As a high-end vape enterprise driven by technology and innovation, YouMe Group has a R&D team from Xiaomi and Huawei. Its R&D leader is a senior expert in the industry. And he has nearly ten years’experience in electronic cigarette research and development. What’s more, he has designed PCBA solutions for many world-renowned electronic cigarette brands, and many of them have become classic designs.

The founder of YouMe Group has the background as Apple’s designated manufacturer, and its strength is outstanding. On the breakthrough of core technology, YouMe Group has built four technical barriers: 1.deep baking and tar reduction technology at 315 °C ,2. top-level smoke purification system, 3. separate design 4. intelligent temperature control system.

Previously, YouMe Group mainly distributed its products overseas markets, and its Suorin electronic cigarette is also the pioneer of the open pod systems. It ranks top 3 in the category of “open pod system” in the U.S. electronic cigarette market for many years. At present, Suorin products have covered all over the world, including more than 90 countries and regions such as the United States, EU member states, Britain, Russia and so on. With strong R&D strength and operational experience, YouMe Group began to shift its strategy to domestic market.

At present, the product portfolio of YouMe Group includes four full-class flag products in different stages of development and commercialization, heat not burn products represented by YouMe Jingyanbao, and vape products represented by Suorin and Idols.

Among them, “YouMe Jingyanbao”, a high technology product which claims to have made breakthroughs in key technologies in the field of heat not burn, was officially launched on the mainland in April this year.

YouMe Group’s latest Jinyanbao – heat the traditional cigarettes

YouMe Jingyan Bao does not need cartridges, which can adapt to all kinds of traditional cigarettes on the market, innovative low-temperature roasting at 315 degrees and tar reduction purification technology, which can effectively filter 90% of harmful substances. It not only can improve the health of smokers, but also retains the original taste of cigarettes, which make it popular among older smokers.

After this round of financing, YouMe Group will focus on the research and development of core technologies and the market development, which will finally bring better product experience to smokers, while taking the lead in the initial stage of the domestic e-cigarette market.

I believe that with strong capital support and product technology innovation, YouMe Group will inject more vitality into the e-cig market.

Vape hk shop YouMe introduction:

YouMe HNB for traditional cigarette

Cellular Ceramic: the Black-horse driving ALD Silmo 3.0

On March 29, 2019, ALD Group Limited (ALD), officially released its new generation heating coil “Silmo 3.0”, in Shenzhen, China. Advanced cellular ceramic material is used in this latest technology. Why is cellular ceramic selected instead of other material? What does it mean for this field?

For Users: Purer, Healthier to “Taste”

When you are going to find an e-cigarette in shops, what do you care most? For the majority, texture and taste take the 1st place. For some buyers, e-cigarette acts as a replacement of real cigarette to help lessen smoking; the others are e-cigarette players. Both use e-cigarette via mouth like drinking cola with a straw.

Unlike traditional material, cellular ceramic can bear longer heating without physical or chemical property change. And without touching other materials, the vaping clouds taste much purer. Health matters most especially when “food” security attracts attention quite easily now. Cellular ceramic doesn’t contain any toxin or give off different odor during heating, making it healthier for end users compared with other oil guide like cotton or fiberglass. It keeps real vaping experience while unharmful to human body.


For Manufacturers: Higher Efficiency & Lower Cost

Besides the environment-friendly or ecological feature, cellular ceramic also has excellent physical and chemical properties, including high porosity, even distribution, high-temperature resistance, high mechanical strength and stiffness, good adsorption, good ventilation, non-polluting feature. The above advantages define it as an unparalleled alternative to cotton in making heating coil, the core component of e-cigarette.

Apart from the same features with cotton heating coil, cellular ceramic heating coil is better at guiding and locking e-oil, providing much safer utility and longer lifetime. For manufacturers, heating coil adopted inside SILMO™ has realized full-automation production of SILMO™, and has further decreased production cost by removing previous time-consuming procedures. That’s why ALD spent years in SILMO™ technology research and development.


Global Popularity In Different Industries

Cellular ceramic has long been researched, produced and used from manufacturers to families in many western developed countries, although it’s extremely ordinary in our life. A large variety of world renown scientific institutes and enterprises at home and abroad are doing research on new ceramic technology. Till now, it has been universally applied in different fields such as environment protection, resources saving, aerospace, chemical industry, petroleum, smelting, food, pharmacy, biology, medicine, aquaculture, etc. It indicates the outstanding features of cellular ceramics, and trend of cellular ceramic applications.


Greatness comes from ordinariness. Cellular ceramic empowers the new technology of creating more values with less resources to manufacturers as well as excellent vaping experience to users. It definitely brings revolutionary change to vaping technology development like a running horse. The new innovative technology Silmo 3.0 launched by ALD has fully taken the advantages of cellular ceramic and will lead the industry to a new stage. Yet no matter how technology evolves, we will never give up the original intention to improve users’ experience and create good enterprise & brand reputation. For more about Silmo 3.0, welcome to contact us.

Techniques for Increasing the Life Span of Your Favorite E Juice

Whether you are a regular vaper or new to the world of vaping, the first thing that you need to know is how to store your vape juice for a longer time. Isn’t it? Then there is great news for you all! Several methods are there that can help you store your e liquid for a longer time, although you will need to make some compromises but that’s completely worth it!

Ejuice Store

Let us check out those techniques that can help you in storing your favorite e liquid for a longer period.

  • Raising Ohms

Sub-Ohm vaping lets you enjoy a raised vapor and flavor output but uses up a lot of e-juice in the procedure. The reasons are obvious! The more vapors you create the more e liquid needs to be used up. So if you want to store your e liquid for a longer time then you must mix up some other juices or switch up the juices or style of vaping. For instance, if you love using Blue Raspberry Cheesecake by Bizzare Blue as your e liquid then you can mix it up with other juices to elevate the Ohms. Raising the Ohms will create thinner, cooler clouds at the end of the day which is not liked by everyone! So one thing that you can do is get a daytime as well as a night time device and use a coil of higher ohms, at least above 1 ohm during the day. Keep the sub-ohm vape juice by Bizzare Blue limited to nighttime use, so that you can enjoy a satisfying vape before going to bed.

  • Lowering Wattage

By lowering the wattage you can conserve your supply just like you do by raising the ohms as less heat is produced by the coil which will lead to a drop off. If you love sub-ohm vaping and do not want to compromise with that then you must lower the wattage that will help you in conserving the battery life while reducing the consumption of your e liquid. You can also play around with your settings a bit for finding the ideal balance that works best for you!

Blue Raspberry Cheesecake by Bizzare Blue

  • Using Stronger E-Liquid

If you do not want to compromise on the vaping experience and amazing clouds formed then you should go for a stronger e juice with higher nicotine level such as Blue Raspberry Cheesecake by Bizzare Blue so that you end up with less vaping. The downside of using strong nicotine content is that it can be harsh on your throat especially when you like sub-ohm vaping. Therefore, using less juice is highly recommended here which means ultimately less consumption and storage for longer period.

Bottom Line –

Basically, two techniques are there that help you in reducing your juice consumption and storing it for a longer time and that are vaping less often and giving up on big clouds. However, if you do not want to compromise on any of these then mix up your own juice with your favorite e juice!


E Juice Store provides a cool range of e liquids of different premier brands like Bizzare Blue and more.

Is Bentley vape coming? Yes, that’s the real Bentley Motors!

Cross-border collaborations of e-cigarettes and other brands are common in recent years. From the early Bugatti vapes, Lamborghini vapes, Foxconn vapes, Supreme vapes, to today’s Xiaomi vapes, Laoluo vapes, LV vapes and so on, information and concepts of cross-border vape brand collaborations emerge endlessly.

But if the BentleyMotors car brand starts to set foot in the cross-border game with vape brands, would you believe it?

Bentley Motors Limited is a world-famous brand, in addition to its well-known business, there are also Bentley Limited business, advocating healthy, fashionable life concept, positive attitude and high quality lifestyle.

What surprises will Bentley and electronic cigarettes bring us?
What new business models will emerge in the across-border collaboration?
All this will be announced on May 28.

Huachang NOS brand and Sinopec Bentley have reached the agreement of brand cooperation, and will hold a conference in Boton Science Park on May 28, marking that NOS will open a new chapter of brand strategic cooperation.
The cooperation between NOS and Bentley is the second cross-border cooperative brand after Lamborghini’s cooperation. Bentley has always insisted on innovation and pursued the concept of utmost excellence, which coincides with the brand concept of NOS.
NOS has always adhered to quality standards, building industry brand benchmarks, implementing international standards, national standards and industry standards, striving to bring high quality and healthier life to global consumers.
NOS is a subsidiary of the Boton Group, which has been listed in Hong Kong for 15 years. It has a pharmaceutical standard factory in the European Union. Its R&D team has more than 200 people. Professors, researchers, senior engineers and Ph.D. account for 10.4%.
The company’s technical consultants are well-known professors and experts at home and abroad. They have cooperated with more than 10 universities and institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences and South China University of Technology for a long time. Up to 6800 invention patents have been granted, accounting for 47% of the industry patents, ranking first in the industry.
The strategic cooperation between NOS and Bentley will not only give fully display the advantages of NOS brand, but also make NOS interact with Bentley in more fields. NOS will follow the new trend of consumption upgrading closely and promote the brand development of both sides.

May 28 Bingley and NOS Brand Co-operation Press Conference:

Date: May 28, 2019, 14:00
Venue: Shenzhen Boton International Conference Center (3rd floor, Block A, Bolton Science Park)
Visitor number: limited to 300
The CEO of Brand Management Company is on the spot!
Bentley Brand is on the stage with mysterious stars!
Many famous guests will attend!
All the answers will be revealed on May 28.