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Is Bentley vape coming? Yes, that’s the real Bentley Motors!


Cross-border collaborations of e-cigarettes and other brands are common in recent years. From the early Bugatti vapes, Lamborghini vapes, Foxconn vapes, Supreme vapes, to today’s Xiaomi vapes, Laoluo vapes, LV vapes and so on, information and concepts of cross-border vape brand collaborations emerge endlessly.

But if the BentleyMotors car brand starts to set foot in the cross-border game with vape brands, would you believe it?

Bentley Motors Limited is a world-famous brand, in addition to its well-known business, there are also Bentley Limited business, advocating healthy, fashionable life concept, positive attitude and high quality lifestyle.

What surprises will Bentley and electronic cigarettes bring us?
What new business models will emerge in the across-border collaboration?
All this will be announced on May 28.

Huachang NOS brand and Sinopec Bentley have reached the agreement of brand cooperation, and will hold a conference in Boton Science Park on May 28, marking that NOS will open a new chapter of brand strategic cooperation.
The cooperation between NOS and Bentley is the second cross-border cooperative brand after Lamborghini’s cooperation. Bentley has always insisted on innovation and pursued the concept of utmost excellence, which coincides with the brand concept of NOS.
NOS has always adhered to quality standards, building industry brand benchmarks, implementing international standards, national standards and industry standards, striving to bring high quality and healthier life to global consumers.
NOS is a subsidiary of the Boton Group, which has been listed in Hong Kong for 15 years. It has a pharmaceutical standard factory in the European Union. Its R&D team has more than 200 people. Professors, researchers, senior engineers and Ph.D. account for 10.4%.
The company’s technical consultants are well-known professors and experts at home and abroad. They have cooperated with more than 10 universities and institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences and South China University of Technology for a long time. Up to 6800 invention patents have been granted, accounting for 47% of the industry patents, ranking first in the industry.
The strategic cooperation between NOS and Bentley will not only give fully display the advantages of NOS brand, but also make NOS interact with Bentley in more fields. NOS will follow the new trend of consumption upgrading closely and promote the brand development of both sides.

May 28 Bingley and NOS Brand Co-operation Press Conference:

Date: May 28, 2019, 14:00
Venue: Shenzhen Boton International Conference Center (3rd floor, Block A, Bolton Science Park)
Visitor number: limited to 300
The CEO of Brand Management Company is on the spot!
Bentley Brand is on the stage with mysterious stars!
Many famous guests will attend!
All the answers will be revealed on May 28.

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