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Starbucks’ biggest enemy is not Luckin Coffee, but …


Next ofo? Huge losses? Crazy expansion?

Since its inception in the market, Luckin Coffee has attracted numerous controversies, but in any case, even in such a controversial environment, Luckin Coffee, which has only been brewed for 18 months, finally went listed in Nasdaq, USA.

Starbucks has only opened thousands of stores in China for more than a decade, while Luckin Coffee has opened the first thousand in just one year. After a period of time, it started to compete with Starbucks publicly, giving people a sense that the Luckin Coffee and Starbucks is actually at the same level.

Behind the Luckin phenomenon, the whole coffee industry has become popular in China.

Of course, such phenomena are naturally supported by the great background. As the “newest consumers” of coffee, “post-80s” and “post-90s”, have already taken coffee as granted as a drink.
If people thought coffee was just a pastime for petty bourgeois life before then, in the eyes of post-80s and post-90s, coffee, a caffeine-containing drink, had long become a necessity in their lives.
Coffee represents a unique culture. In the early sixteenth century, coffee began to spread to Europe. There were countless cafes in Britain at that time, but only men were allowed to enter.
Men talk about politics, literature and commerce in coffee houses. So in countless cafes, new literature, philosophy and art are all born.
Because of this, coffee has been associated with the French cultural industry, forming a unique “coffee culture”.
Nowadays, in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a new way of getting coffee is emerging.
Starbucks has been working with Alibaba online since August 2018. And Starbucks has launched its own “special star delivery” service, which further extends the experience and coverage of Starbucks.
“Internet + coffee” is a new way to get coffee, so that you can enjoy the pleasure of a cup of coffee even if you stay indoors.

In this era of people’s increasing pursuit of portability and speed, in addition to this “Internet + coffee acquisition mode”, there are some other ways of coffee acquisition emerged at the historic moment.
Coffee, as a liquid, is sometimes not so easy to carry. So relying on this foundation, a kind of “solid coffee” came into being.
This “solid coffee” exists in a variety of forms. It can be a “coffee chocolate” or a “coffee candy”.
Whatever “solid coffee” is, it meets people’s “portable coffee need”. However, this kind of “solid coffee” has a great defect in the retention of coffee flavor, making it impossible to relish the aroma of coffee.
In addition to the edible coffee acquisition method, a company has launched a product about “coffee inhalation acquisition method“.

Isn’t it strange to get coffee by inhalation? But that’s how the company does it.
It’s easy to be constrained by some factors when we get coffee every day.
For example, some people like the environment in which coffee is made. In addition to the demand for coffee, these people also pursue a sense of smell for coffee. In addition to tasting the delicious coffee, you can also enjoy the enjoyment of the smell when you cook coffee.
For example, some people hope that coffee can be carried in a more portable way, which can greatly reduce the cost of time and add more fun to their lives.
And this inhaled coffee is more portable, to a large extent, to meet the needs of people’s portability scenario. And just take a breath to enjoy the fragrance of coffee that lingers between the lips and teeth. Getting coffee in this way means you don’t have to hold a cup anymore! Just need a small electronic cigarette, you can put it in your bag at will, so that you can enjoy the taste of coffee anytime and anywhere.
Moreover, this inhaled coffee acquisition method also largely meets the needs of some people who can not enjoy coffee due to physiological reasons such as stomach disease. Coffee can be enjoyed by inhalation, and the gas will not harm the stomach.
This kind of inhaled coffee is portable and delicious. It meets the needs of most people for coffee acquisition and is likely to become a “new future” for the public to obtain coffee.
I actually want to do a little survey here. Do you think this kind of inhaled coffee will become the future of coffee acquisition?

Wel, which has been focusing on pod system research, has launched a coffee-flavored vape cartridge.
This vape could be the master of “inhaled coffee”. Besides its portability, it restores the mellow aroma of coffee perfectly.

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