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VANGO pod system start kit review – Relative lower nicotine strengh with strong thoat hit


The era of electronic cigarettes with the pod system has brought great good news to countless smokers. There were only 4 million users of electronic cigarettes in China two years ago. At that time, electronic cigarettes were still in the era of mod vapes, and users of electronic cigarettes were more “players”. Today in 2019, portable, simple and easy pod systems are well known to the public, and electronic cigarette users are also growing rapidly to nearly 15 million, and this data is growing.

The pod system with its cigarette replacing effect is getting more and more popular, which make the cake of vapes get more familiar to many interested people. Thanksgiving manufacturers try to bring out the best products in return to consumers, but there are still some manufacturers, using plagiarism shape, OEM and other schemes, leading the “fast food culture” of electronic cigarettes to the extreme, and even making the plagiarism brand bigger and stronger, but expressing the “appearance patent” and other ridiculous words to customers.

Pod system products in electronic cigarettes, under the analysis of large data, show that the degree of appearance plagiarism is very heavy, even more than 80% of the appearance of pod vapes are made using “public molds”, and they have not integrated with any innovation of their own. And it seems that it has become the reason of “saving money” even under the minmal change of appearance.  Though the author and many users thought that good user experience and good flavors are the major points a pod system should have, there are still lots of aspects that need improvement.

VANGO pod system, with a certain degree of differentiation, is full of attraction for me. VANGO ‘s pod vapes are packed in a gift box in white color which is good looking. The front side is printed with relief product preview image according to different product color . VANGO’s LOGO are the most attractive spot. Using their unique style, they print VANGO LOGO on them that impress the user at first glance. On the back are the product internal configuration table and Chinese introduction, as well as two-dimensional code, bar code and “Minors are not allowed to use” and other important notices. The LOGO is very concise and mixed with a sense of technology.

Open the drawer box, it attaches a plastic baffle with the words “I’m here, The VANGO MOMTET” tag to prevent the product from falling around. The inside is also very concise. The inside of the card has Chinese instructions, USB charging line and two cartridges, and the main body of the vape device embedded separately on the right side. Instead of calling it a brochure, I prefer to compare it to a paper version of PPT – it even has the words “user’s love truth and confession” printed on it, which shows that it compares users to “lover” to cherish companionship.

At present, VANGO products are classified into four types: classic black, gray, starry blue and flame red. It also has a variety of flavors. The cartridge flavors are refreshing mint and Chinese tobacco. The nicotine salt content of the pod is also divided into 2% and 3%, which meet the needs of different user groups. The content of 1.8ML cartridge is relatively normal. Whether it can meet the daily use needs depend on the need of different groups of people.

Features in brief:
The appearance of the cartridge is common.
But the area where it touches the lips has been adjusted a little.
A curve shape with concave sides and gentle downward sliding in the middle.
It fits the lips very well.
It doesn’t cause any discomfort and lip fatigue when using
VANGO Pod Atomizer
FEELM’s high technology structure,
It is the ceramic core of metal film atomization technology.
The inscription can be seen below the cartridge.
On the back prints the cartridge flavor.
And the identification of nicotine salt content.
FEELM High Technology Ceramic Atomizing Core
You must be familiar with it.
Because I’ve explained it many times before.
I will not repeat it here.

Product appearance:
The appearance of the device body is a rare differentiated product I have ever seen. The products are made of moderately thick aluminum alloy. Besides the anodic oxidation process, the device also has a matte polishing film, which is low-key and luxurious at the same time. In the middle of the product is slightly raised, the cutting surfaces on both sides are smooth and neat, which boosts the comfort of the user when holding the product. The finger joint will not produce the sense of cutting hands and fatigue at all, which conforms to the ergonomic design. 350 mAh battery capacity does not hinder daytime use at all, and you can fully charge it in 45 minutes.

The front of the product is engraved with VANGO image LOGO breathing lamp, while the back is printed with VANGO  text LOGO. The design of double air intake on both sides seems to be a larger air intake hole vape according to my observation, but the realistic situation should be based on the use of the product.

The most obvious difference between the top and the bottom is that the top is not a smooth circular interface, nor a deep concave design, but a cutting design with the top bulging and the two sides pressing down, like an open embrace to welcome the advent of the atomizing core. The magnetic suction design of the cartridge and the interface also makes the two just stick to each other. The bottom USB interface is U-shaped, which will be wrapped tightly in the same style as the top interface. The chamfering design is also made on both sides, which will not affect the hand feel.

Taste introduction:
Chinese Tobacco:
This pod has strong reducibility. The light paper wood aroma of tobacco can be restored properly, and the throat hit during vaping is not as strong as that of tobacco, but the instantaneous flavor at the entrance is very strong. Some products are similar to those of heat not burn products to restore the flavor of cigarette, which is more alike the real flavor experience of cigarettes. Although the content of nicotine salt is only 2%, the feeling after a few deep breaths is still very addictive. This kind of tobacco has a high degree of flavor reduction, and even the old smoker will like it much.

Strong mint:
The feeling of mint is purer. The fragrance of mint leaves mixed with a little xylitol is sweet and smooth. As a user of refreshing style, it is still a good choice to use it as summer addiction relief. Compared with Chinese tobacco, it contains more nicotine salt, but it is not too stimulating and does not have a sense of upside. This cartridge is very suitable for  users who likes refreshing feeling, especially those who like to smoke mint cigarettes, is undoubtedly a good choice.

VANGO pod system starter kit
This product has a certain degree of differentiation,
Business style in low profile.
But it added his own youth element.
The cartridge uses FEELM high tech ceramic core.
Although nicotine salt content is lower than most cartridges on the market,
But it has a reductive flavor and a strong throat hit
And its smoothness is not disappointing.
The PPT instructions are impressive.
And the LOGO on its packaging is also eye-catching.


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Lizati Omar
Lizati Omar
3 years ago

hello I’m looking for the size of the vango cigarette please

Lizati Omar
Lizati Omar
3 years ago

hello I’m looking for the wholesale vango cigarette please

3 years ago
Reply to  Lizati Omar

Hi Lizati, SnowPlus is a good option:
They’re similar

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