Monday, July 22, 2024

VANGO vape raised ten millions yuan in the angel round financing!


The vape brand VANGO closed the angel round financing of nearly ten million yuan led by well-known industrial Internet company Keesail in May 2019. And Sanrenxing Capital followed by the investment. This financing will be used for product development and sales channel building.

VANGO was founded in February this year. The founding team of VANGO is from Black Horse, Meitu Mobile, Lenovo, Meituan and domestic senior media. It aims to provide safer and more reliable nicotine alternatives for 1 billion smokers worldwide. The VANGO electronic cigarettes launched by VANGO had been on the market in May this year and was sold out soon. VANGO’s products are pod systems, which does not produce tar and other harmful substances.

Keesail is a well-known industrial Internet company with rich offline retail experience and industrial resources.

At present, the electronic cigarette industry has attracted worldwide attention. The penetration rate of the electronic cigarette market in countries and regions such as Europe, America and Japan is relatively high, while the domestic electronic cigarette market is still in its infancy and has considerable market potential. VANGO uses unique FEELM technology, which is a new cotton-free atomization solution. It breaks through by transforming the coil into a unique wide metal film, covering the bowl-shaped black pottery matrix, so that consumers can enjoy a more perfect vaping experience.

The VANGO team denoted, “The electronic cigarette industry had experienced a period of brutal growth in the past, and many problems had occurred, which made the whole industry suffer criticism. We hope that through VANGO electronic cigarettes, we can truly provide a safer and reliable alternative product for global smokers, and improve the current situation of defective products in the industry.”

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