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Cellular Ceramic: the Black-horse driving ALD Silmo 3.0


On March 29, 2019, ALD Group Limited (ALD), officially released its new generation heating coil “Silmo 3.0”, in Shenzhen, China. Advanced cellular ceramic material is used in this latest technology. Why is cellular ceramic selected instead of other material? What does it mean for this field?

For Users: Purer, Healthier to “Taste”

When you are going to find an e-cigarette in shops, what do you care most? For the majority, texture and taste take the 1st place. For some buyers, e-cigarette acts as a replacement of real cigarette to help lessen smoking; the others are e-cigarette players. Both use e-cigarette via mouth like drinking cola with a straw.

Unlike traditional material, cellular ceramic can bear longer heating without physical or chemical property change. And without touching other materials, the vaping clouds taste much purer. Health matters most especially when “food” security attracts attention quite easily now. Cellular ceramic doesn’t contain any toxin or give off different odor during heating, making it healthier for end users compared with other oil guide like cotton or fiberglass. It keeps real vaping experience while unharmful to human body.


For Manufacturers: Higher Efficiency & Lower Cost

Besides the environment-friendly or ecological feature, cellular ceramic also has excellent physical and chemical properties, including high porosity, even distribution, high-temperature resistance, high mechanical strength and stiffness, good adsorption, good ventilation, non-polluting feature. The above advantages define it as an unparalleled alternative to cotton in making heating coil, the core component of e-cigarette.

Apart from the same features with cotton heating coil, cellular ceramic heating coil is better at guiding and locking e-oil, providing much safer utility and longer lifetime. For manufacturers, heating coil adopted inside SILMO™ has realized full-automation production of SILMO™, and has further decreased production cost by removing previous time-consuming procedures. That’s why ALD spent years in SILMO™ technology research and development.


Global Popularity In Different Industries

Cellular ceramic has long been researched, produced and used from manufacturers to families in many western developed countries, although it’s extremely ordinary in our life. A large variety of world renown scientific institutes and enterprises at home and abroad are doing research on new ceramic technology. Till now, it has been universally applied in different fields such as environment protection, resources saving, aerospace, chemical industry, petroleum, smelting, food, pharmacy, biology, medicine, aquaculture, etc. It indicates the outstanding features of cellular ceramics, and trend of cellular ceramic applications.


Greatness comes from ordinariness. Cellular ceramic empowers the new technology of creating more values with less resources to manufacturers as well as excellent vaping experience to users. It definitely brings revolutionary change to vaping technology development like a running horse. The new innovative technology Silmo 3.0 launched by ALD has fully taken the advantages of cellular ceramic and will lead the industry to a new stage. Yet no matter how technology evolves, we will never give up the original intention to improve users’ experience and create good enterprise & brand reputation. For more about Silmo 3.0, welcome to contact us.

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