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ALD Silmo in Vaper Expo UK 2019


Here we witnessed the first industrial revolution with the steam engine as the main symbol, here is the imprint of the European Renaissance, which is also known as the “City of European Sports”, here is the British charm city of Birmingham.

May 3-5, 2019, Vaper Expo UK, the largest and most influential exhibition in Europe, is held here in UK.

vaper expo uk ald silmo
vaper expo uk

As the world’s top three e-cigarette consumer market, this e-cigarette fair held here is the focus of global attention, and its scale has increased gradually. The 8th Vaper Expo UK exhibition attracted more than 300 exhibiting suppliers from all over the world, more than 500 brands, and more than 20,000 professional visitors come to the spot!

As the top vape technology company in the international market and serving the global customers, ALD bring the new high technology vape SILMO and the SILMO high-end vapes equipped with this core technology to the British Electronic Cigarette Exhibition. The attention of global e-cigarette enthusiasts has enabled the world to appreciate the ultimate charm of the innovation and transformation of China’s vape technology enterprises from the dual perspective of “R&D + manufacturing”, and to witness the rapid development of China’s e-cigarette industry.

vaper expo uk ald silmo

Meet the top vape platform ALD

ALD has been working intensively in the field of electronic atomization technology for more than ten years, standing at the top of the industry and competing in the global electronic cigarette market. The self-developed electronic atomization high technology SILMO on this grand exhibition has become a hot spot in the whole field instantly. The audience is bustling and the experiencers speak highly of it.

vaper expo uk

vaper expo uk vaper expo uk

Dance with high-end SILMO vapes

The brilliant SILMO technology promotional film attracted the attention of the audience. After watching the film, many audiences could not wait to have a customized experience.

vaper expo uk

SILMO high-end customization device, with its unparalleled atomization experience, carefully restores the best taste of various types of atomized liquid, to ensure that users can feel the pure and rich taste from the first mouthful, at the same time, it has outstanding advantages such as aesthetic design, simple operation and so on. It has become the exclusive highlight of the exhibition, which is praised by most of the experiencer.

vaper expo uk

vaper expo ukvaper expo uk

vaper expo uk

vaper expo uk


The “VAPE GIVEAWAY” also attracted the attention of a large number of fans. The winning list will be published on the ALD official Instagram account @aldgrouplimited at the same time.

vaper expo uk

ALD at the exhibition, the “King” from the East, impressed the global visitors with his extraordinary strength and major technology. ALD has demonstrated to the global market the charm of Shenzhen and even China’s vape industry the high technology. Many professional visitors at the scene said that they would visit the ALD headquarters base in Shenzhen in the second half of the year to inspect the science and technology capital of Shenzhen.

vaper expo uk

Incoming event of ALD: Verona International Electronic Cigarette Exhibition, Italy

From 18 to 20 this month, ALD will continue to show in the Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet’s hometown, Verona, Italy. What kind of surprise will ALD bring to you in the coming International Electronic Cigarette Exhibition Vapitaly in Verona, Italy? Let’s wait and see!


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