How will vape industry go in 2020?

Compared with 2019, the global e-cigarette market fell by more than 30% month-on-month in March. Although there was a growth of nearly 150% compared with February of the same year, the entire industry is still experiencing a death race.

As the global top manufacturer of vaporizer, ALD always adheres to its own beliefs, fights side by side with our partners, and continuously upgrades its product technology to meet the new demands of the consumer market.

With the raging COVID-19, hundreds of thousands of people killed by this “Black Swan”, health and safety are unprecedently valued than ever. This concept also expands to vape industry.

Is our vape device safe enough? Will our puffs bring bacteria into our bodies? Based on these problems, ALD Basic Research Institute successfully combined AG+ technology with the mouthpiece to achieve the effect of inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

ALD’s Sterki:UV sterilization design, Effective sterilization rate reaches 97.73%, Nano texture optical coating, Open & closed system optional, Smart vibration reminding, Powerful magnetic connection

ALD’s AG+ antibacterial technology has been proved effectively reduced the breeding of bacteria,  the antibacterial rate of the AG+ mouthpiece against three types of conventional bacteria (Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and even Candida albicans) within 24 hours was over 99%, which ensures a safer, more sanitary vaping experience.

The AG+ antibacterial mouthpiece made of a unique material with Nanometer Silver Ion. The nanometer silver ion is widely used as an efficacious chemotherapeutic antibacterial and antifungal agent in consumer electronics;

In Sept. 2019,ALD also released a disinfection vaporizer with a build-in UV lamp, which kills the bacteria in the entrance of atomizer effectively.

As fast-consumer electronic products, electronic cigarettes are inseparable from our daily lives. ALD believes that electronic cigarette industry will put health and safety on a higher priority in the near future. And ALD will also invest more resources to bring more trustworthy products to consumers.

Remember, stay safe.

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What is Canopy ’s Strategic Focus and Moves in 2020?

Canopy Growth (“Canopy”) (TSX: WEED) (NYSE: CGC), like other cannabis companies, suffered a setback in the first quarter of 2020 due to COVID-19. However, its stock price soars over 80% since the middle of March, which relates to its recent moves.

In April, Canopy announced to shut down its operations in South Africa and Lesotho, shutter facilities in Columbia, Saskatchewan in Canada and New York in America. Meantime, it signed a regional supply deal with Clever Leaves who will supply Canopy with extracted goods produced in Colombia.

It is obvious that Canopy is removing its investment from cannabis cultivation. Then where does it put its focus on instead? The answer is cannabis derivatives and cannabis-related products such as vaping devices.

On April 20, it rolled out the first line of CBD topicals under its brand First & Free in US. On March 16, Tweed, another one of Canopy’s brands, began to ship its first cannabis-infused beverage product throughout Canada. In late January, it launched its line-up of vape devices, supplied by ALD Group Limited, a top one-stop vape solution provider who also serves the U.S. top 1st THC pod vape brand-STIIIZY, as well as dozens of nicotine vaping brands and tobacco giants, such as British American Tobacco, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco and ITC Limited. Clearly, the cooperation with ALD is correct and successful. So far, the total sale of Canopy’s vape batteries has taken up to 70% market share in Canada.

The strategy of Canopy’s moves is based on what David Klein, the CEO of Canopy, said, “to define a very visible path to profitability and positive cash flow”. Thus, it shrinks investments on cultivation which need relatively longer time to make profit, and shifts to an “asset light” model, focusing on cannabis products and its derivatives, as well as vaping devices, which is more profitable, and is good for cash flow.

Correct strategy helps Canopy gain a significant growth. Will Canopy achieve the final aim of 2020? Let’s keep in focus its following moves.

TPM – The New Criteria to Choose A Good E-cig

What are the criteria for a good e-cig? People used to rely on some subjective opinions such as KOLs’ reviews to choose their vaporizers, are there more objective criteria to do that? This article introduces TPM and explains how it helps us to assess a good vape device.


  1. What is TPM?

TPM is short for Total Particulate Matter. It represents the sum of all solid and liquid particles suspended in a vape cloud. Similar to the importance of PM2.5 in measuring air quality, TPM is an irreplaceable index in smoke quality testing.

As we all know, it is hard to quantify smoke level/dose with naked-eye observation. However, TPM measurement makes smoke quality become visualizable and measurable, and it can be further utilized in analyzing the chemical and physical properties of the smoke.

Also, TPM testing results provide a basis for research in environmental engineering and pathology. This is also the reason why TPM is seen as ‘a golden key for vaping technology’.


  1. The application of TPM

‘A golden key can open any door.’ TPM is generally applied by many organizations in different industries. For instance, a study from WHO (World Health Organization) (2018) mentioned that


‘A review of WHO SOP-03 for TSNAs(Tobacco-specific nitrosamines) in mainstream tobacco smoke suggests that the chemistry of ENDS aerosol is compatible with the WHO SOP and that either aerosol TPM collected on CFPs(Cambridge filter pads) or e-liquid could be analysed.


As noted above, however, the reported levels of TSNAs in ENDS aerosol are below the reporting limit of the WHO SOP for TSNAs in tobacco smoke.


TPM is an international standard in the tobacco industry, and it is also applied to tests for e-cig commonly. To ensure the universality of the ‘golden key’, several specifications were set for different aspects, including smoking simulation, sampling methods, and experimental environments.


A TPM report of SLIMO™ vape devices (a new generation product from ALD Group Limited) is quoted in the article to explain TPM more clearly.


  1. TPM and Puff Volume

Producing massive and stable vapor is the basic requirement for an excellent vape device. TPM (mg/puff) can reflect the puff volume of a vaping device.

Below Figure 1 shows the differences in puff volume between SILMO™ devices and other vaporizers.

TPM - The New Criteria to Choose A Good E-cig


  • TPM(mg) on a vertical axis stands for puff volume
  • Puffs on the horizontal axis stand for the number of puffs
  • As shown in the chart, the TPM value ofSLIMO™ devices stays steady between 6-7mg, while that of the contrasted devices is lower-lying between 3.5-5mg.
  • That is to say, in a single puff, the puff volume of SILMOTM device is 1.5-2 times that of other ordinary devices.
  • What’s more, the higher the number of puffs, the bigger disparity of puff volume.


  1. TPM and Device Lifespan

Smoke simulation tests are conducted on the devices in the report. The test results bring out something new, such as the relationship between lifespan and heating coil.

Usually, the unstable vape performance of electronic cigarettes is caused mainly by the short lifespan of its heating coil. It is also the main reason for burnt taste, spit-back, and even not working. If vape devices that are applied the same heating coil have well performance in experiment, taste consistency and stability of this batch of products can be ensured.

Figure 2 illustrates TPM testing results under 500 puffs simulation.

TPM - The New Criteria to Choose A Good E-cig
Source: ALD Group Limited Labs


  • TPM(mg) on the vertical axis stands for puff volume
  • Puffs on the horizontal axis stand for the number of puffs

After 500 puffs under the same conditions, the SILMO™ device performs steadily in the terms of puff volume.

However, the contrasting device performs well in the beginning while creates less and less puff volume even stops working finally.


  1. TPM and Safety

It is the most important thing to make sure electronic cigarettes not release harmful substances over the standard when using.

With TPM, it is feasible to conduct some tests and analyses on the safety of e-cigarettes, for example, carbonyl compounds testing, the test items of which include formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, and acrolein.

The limits required by European Union Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) for formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, and acrolein in a single e-cig are as follows:

Let’s look at how SILMO™ device performs

TPM - The New Criteria to Choose A Good E-cig TPM - The New Criteria to Choose A Good E-cig TPM - The New Criteria to Choose A Good E-cig


  • μg/200puffs on vertical axis stands for the μg of aldehyde per 200 puffs
  • Horizontal axis shows different devices, the bigger scatter, the denser data.


We can find in the above charts:

  • The test results for formaldehyde and acetaldehyde of all tested devices are compliant with the requirements of TPD.
  • The μg of acrolein released bySILMO™ devices is far lower than the limit of TPD, while some results of contrasted devices fail to meet TPD requirements.


  1. Conclusion

TPM shows us three important criteria of vaping technology:1. Puff Volume, 2. Safety, 3. stability

With TPM, vape manufacturers know how to produce vape products, and consumers know how to check the performance and safety of a vape device.

According to the above TPM tests, we know vape devices utilized different heating elements perform differently. Devices powered by SILMO™, a heating element technology developed by ALD Group Limited, perform excellently in the tests.

TPM test has to be conducted under strict experimental conditions. Besides, its testing devices are costly, so only top laboratories and research institutions can afford it. For e-cig users, it is not realistic to review a vape via TPM. However, we believe that as the industry becomes more and more standardized and transparent, the TPM test will be applied to a wider range, including choosing an e-cig.

ALD B2 series disposable vape for local filling

With the ban of JUULPOD, disposable vape pen brands such as PUFFBAR  POSH STIG are rapidly admired by consumers. Rich flavors, easy-to-use designs, and low prices have become the biggest advantages of this type of product. At the same time, larger battery lasting and larger E-liquid capacity is also about to become a new consumer trend. With the special economic environment in 2020, users have less cash in their pockets, and more affordable products will be the first choice for users.

PUFFBAR Plus, POSH plus are already run ahead. If you need a product of your own brand to win the upcoming market, you must have a very professional manufacturer. ALD GROUP LIMITED will work with you to achieve a win-win situation.

In order to solve the problem that brands can quickly match the latest e-liquids, the ALD B2 (800 puffs) series has improved the product design so that disposable vape can be easily auto-injected locally. In this way, you can prepare empty equipment in advance to avoid the risk of leakage during the transport and storage., once you want to promote your new e-liquid, you can quickly fill and sell it.


ALD B2 series introduction:


attention b2 is coming b2 ald4.0ml super large prefilled e juice800 puffs all in one design 650 mah powerful batterylatest cotton materialrounded case for oem custom logos disposable vape wholesale


ALD B2 Mini:

ALD B2 series disposable vape for local filling save your moneylatest cotton material gives your better flavorbig vapor with the suitable throat hit


ALD ELF: disposable vape for local fillingbrand it sell itauto draw puffs one off deisign


ALD Introduction

ALD B2 series disposable vape for local filling
ALD B2 is a new tech by ALD. ALD is a gigantic vaping factory with 4,300,000+ sq.ft manufacturing base, 3,000+ skilled workers, 100+ R&D talents, 30,000,000 pcs per month capacity & GMP/ISO9001/ISO1400 SQP/WCA certificates. It welcomes both OEM and ODM orders.

Details on ALD B2: B2 disposable vape introduction.pdf

Details on ALD B2 mini: B2 mini disposable vape introduction.pdf

Details on ALD ELF: ELF Vape Business E-liquid Filling Design.pdf

Learn more about B2 at ALD official site:

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ALD Sterilizer Pod Vape Leading the Trend of Design Direction

It is reported that the industry’s first e-cigarette with UV sterilization function- Sterki has been developed by ALD and introduced at the exhibition in Dortmund, Germany.

ALD Group Limited, founded in 2009 and headquartered in Shenzhen, is a high-tech enterprise specializing and leading in electronic atomization technology research and applications. ALD’s business covers ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems), IMV (Inhaled Medical Vaporizer) and HNB (Heat-Not-Burn device). Benefiting from the scientific research and development system, deep technical accumulation, strong manufacturing capability, as well as customer-and-user-centered business philosophy, ALD has not only established a solid strategic partnership with a lot of internationally well-known brands as well as multinational tobacco giants, but also won widespread respect among vaporizer consumers.

“Sterki not only meets the demand of e-cigarette users for more healthy e-cigarette products, but also breaks the serious problem of homogenization of product research and development in the industry at present, and successfully shapes a product with personality differentiation and humanization. It is a significant reference for the global development of e-cigarettes.” evaluated by a senior testing expert in the industry.

With sterilization efficiency up to 99%, Sterki offers science and technology health care for users.

Dust and bacteria on cartridges have always been a headache for the majority of e-cigarette users. Although there are solutions of many brands on the market, the most popular way is to avoid the problem of cartridges by wearing “dustproof caps”. Although “dustproof cap” can avoid large particle pollution, it does not have sterilization function. And it is still easy to be lost and cause secondary pollution.

Starting from the second half of 2018, the e-cigarette industry ushered in a period of rapid development and broke out a situation of “thousand e-cigarettes war”. However, from the perspective of the industry, the speed of product innovation is far behind the needs of users, and the homogenization of product form and function is very obvious. E-cigarette’ s shape development focuses mostly on product appearance, while function development focuses on taste and e-liquid flavors. The essence behind “thousand e-cigarettes war” is stereotype.

Based on the actual needs of users, in addition to the sterilization function, Sterki is designed with battery increase, fine body material, and perfect vapor volume. No matter from the appearance or function, Sterki is a product based on the real needs of users. It leads the industry’s trend by solving pain points one by one.

ALD Will Attend IECIE Shanghai with Its First Disinfection Vaporizer

From October 30th to November 1st, 2019, the IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture Week will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center. As the leading force of atomization technology, ALD GROUP LIMITED will attend the expo to show the charm of ALD’s atomization technology and the characteristics of diversified products to the whole industry.


On the exhibition, ALD will present its first self-developed vaporizer with disinfection function- Sterki. As reported, Sterki adopts the ultraviolet sterilization technology and the UV lamp implanted in the portable vaporizer can kill the bacteria in the mouthpiece effectively. It is simple and convenient to turn on sterilization function by just touching the button. Sterki only needs 20 seconds to complete the sterilization function with a sterilization effect up to 99.9%.


In addition, ALD will feature SILMO™, the company’s most powerful technology brands at the IECIE. Visitors can experience different products of the brand allies and experience ALD’s technical characteristics in a multi-dimensional way.


For putting forward the concept of one-stop electronic atomization technology research and application platform, at this time IECIE Shanghai, ALD will also unite WIPPO, HOPO,BKOO and iLAX to show ALD’s technology brands and the alliance brand manufacturers’ star products.


About ALD

ALD Group Limited, founded in 2009 and headquartered in Shenzhen, is a high-tech enterprise specializing and leading in electronic atomization technology research and applications. ALD’s business covers ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems), IMV (Inhaled Medical Vaporizer) and HNB (Heat-Not-Burn device). With strong technical support, ALD has established a solid strategic partnership with a lot of internationally well-known brands, as well as multinational tobacco giants.

Reveal ALD SILMO 3.0 – Pinless design in ceramics heating core

God says let there be light, Edison invented the light bulb; smokers say let there be a good vapor, ALD created SILMO.

In 2017, ALD R&D team began to embark on SILMO thick film ceramic heating core technology research and development.

After 27 months of refining, SILMO 3.0 was officially launched in March 2019, which attracted great attention of the industry.

ALD said that the light bulb has changed the light world in an epoch-making way, and Silmo has brought new hope to hundreds of millions of smokers. Behind the two, there is a common strong existence, that is, the ultimate spirit of craftsmen.

Reveal ALD SILMO 3.0 - Pinless design in ceramics heating core


Before the birth of thick film ceramic core, fiber rope, organic cotton and ceramics were used as atomizing materials, and these materials have their own disadvantages in atomizing performance. At that time, although the ceramic core had many defects, such as oil leakage, slow heating, low reduction of taste, etc., its high temperature resistance, uniform heating, cleaner and visible characteristics still attracted more and more manufacturers’attention.

By adjusting the ceramic formula to create an ideal atomizing core, it has become the consensus and research direction of the leading manufacturers.

“In June 2018, after hundreds of attempts to verify the formula of ceramic materials, significant progress has been made, which is commonly known as the second generation scheme Silmo 2.0. However, we didn’t take a time to celebrate. FEELM thick film ceramic core is the first one to appear on the market, and it has achieved quite good results soon, which makes us feel more pressure and excitement, “Zhang sir, director of research and development of Zhuolineng, said in an interview.

“Excitedly, our technology is in the right direction! But our SILMO technology belongs to the thick film ceramic core, in the case of losing the first chance, we must have a greater breakthrough, in order to obtain our own opportunities! ”

Reveal ALD SILMO 3.0 - Pinless design in ceramics heating core

Therefore, based on the second generation scheme Silmo 2.0 has lagged behind its peers in time, ALD decisively abandoned the idea of bringing it to the market.

It’s not easy to find a way to differentiate and pursue perfection. The second generation thick film ceramic core is already a very advanced scheme. “It’s like an exam. It’s not easy to raise the score from 60 to 90. It’s a challenge several times more difficult to raise the score from 90 to 100.” Zhang sir, director of R&D at ALD, said.


The task of finding new directions for breakthroughs is around the corn.

One after one brainstorming, but get nothing, then the team morale is in the confusion and it is being continuously eroded.

At the end of August 2018, a proposal attracted Zhang sir’s attention – “Ceramic core technology pursues purity and safety. At present, heating coils with pins must be welded. There is a risk of contamination of e-liquid. Can we find ways to remove the pins of heating lines so that there is no source of contamination in the parts directly contacted with e-liquid, so as to achieve the ultimate purity of vape juice?”

Reveal ALD SILMO 3.0 - Pinless design in ceramics heating core

In a market environment where the safety of e-cigarettes is facing more and more doubts, this proposal was immediately recognized and supported at the company level.

Technical validation began soon, but the R&D team was in great trouble. SILMO 2.0 ceramic formula has excellent oil-conducting and oil-locking performance, but the ceramic matrix is brittle. In the process of ejector pin assembly, the proportion of ceramic damage is as high as 60%, which is totally not productive.

This means that if the pin-free design is to be realized, the painstaking SILMO 2.0 ceramic formula will be forced to give up, the ceramic formula will have to be pushed back, and the team’s morale will drop to a freezing point in an instant.

With the unique stubbornness of R&D personnel, Zhang Sir issued a death order: “Never stop until you reach your goal!”


The schedule of the SILMO R&D team is intensive. Every morning meeting, every night scheduled detailed analysis, plus the partners in the company shuttle intensively. The concept of commuting time does not exist, and the schedule in mind is only the project time node.

The laboratory on the fifth floor of the factory is already their home. One second before they fell asleep, all they thought about was technical difficulties and project progress. The SILMO team has long been accustomed to this kind of life.

In the deductions, the dawn is gradually coming.

Reveal ALD SILMO 3.0 - Pinless design in ceramics heating core


Everything comes to him who waits.

January 2019, after more than 800 days and nights of struggle, a new ceramic formula came out! “The strength of the new ceramic material is up to the standard, and the index of oil guide lock is better than the second generation plan!” At the wrap-up meeting, the chief material engineer could not hide his ecstasy.

“We also got a surprise! With the increase of strength, the new ceramics can not only achieve no lead and no solder joints, but also can burn and cut the heater in batches. It can be produced in batches automatically with high consistency. This is the highest level of ceramic core technology contemporarily.

Thermal Imaging of SILMO 3.0 Pinless Ceramic Atomizing Core
Thermal Imaging of SILMO 3.0 Pinless Ceramic Atomizing Core

In March 2019, SILMO™ Brand was officially launched.

April 2019, SILMO 3.0 flagship device is in bulk production.

In June 2019, SILMO™’s global tour is getting better.

In August 2019, orders for SILMO products began to increase sharply.



Nowadays, the market of ALD is booming and SILMO is emerging with charm.

“SILMO is not only pure, but also a spirit of craftsman, an industry responsibility and a social responsibility,” Zhang Sir said in an interview. “It’s just beginning to solve user problems with safe and reliable atomization technology.”

ALD to Release New Disinfection Vaporizer at the InterTabac Dortmund 2019

ALD GROUP LIMITED, a global leader of atomization technology, will release the first self-developed vaporizer with disinfection function at the InterTabac of the 41st Dortmund tobacco exhibition in Germany from September 20 to 22, 2019.

Adhering to the ingenuity to make high-quality products, ALD innovates to improve atomization technology to lead a healthy and sustainable development of vape industry. In the first half of this year, the global exhibition tour of SILMO™ and MICROFEEL™ was favored by global consumers. At this time German exhibition, ALD will release its first self-developed vaporizer with disinfection function.

The repeated contacts of mouthpiece during vaping may cause bacteria breeding. Most of the vaporizers on the market are complicated to be cleaned and disinfected. However, ALD developed the first vaporizer with disinfection and cleaning functions independently. It uses ultraviolet lamp to sterilize bacteria by only pressing the button instead of disassembling. As reported, the vaporizer with disinfection function adopts the ultraviolet sterilization technology and the UV lamp implanted in the portable pod system can kill the bacteria in the entrance of atomizer effectively. Under the global concern on the vaporizer safety, the innovation is expected to attract high attention from the industry and consumers.

About ALD Group Limited

ALD is world’s leading high-tech enterprises focusing on electronic atomization technology research and applications with business covering the ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems), IMV (Inhaled Medical Vaporizer) and HnB (Heat-Not-Burn) devices. With strong technical support and manufacturing capacity, ALD has established a solid strategic partnership with a lot of international well-known brands and multinational tobacco giants such as British American Tobacco, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco, ITC, Canopy Growth, iKrusher and STIIIZY.

About InterTabac:

InterTabac is the world’s leading trade fair for tobacco products and accessories, providing the most professional business platform for global tobacco industry buyers. Since 1978, The exhibition has been held in Dortmund, Germany each September. Covering an area of more than 40,000 square meters, the 2019 InterTabac exhibition will unprecedentedly attract more than 600 exhibitors from 54 countries around the world. As the leading role of industry, ALD is undoubtedly well prepared to introduce the atomization creativity at the exhibition.


Marketing Department

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Which technology will lead the e-cigarette industry?

With the continuous increase of global tobacco control, new tobacco products have gradually become an important development direction and research and development hotspot of tobacco products because of their significant advantages in reducing the release of harmful components. Among the new types of tobacco that are currently widely recognized in the market are VAPE.


Vape is also known as e-cigarette, and e-cigarette products first appeared in 2004. It is a device that simulates the appearance and sensory experience of traditional cigarettes by technical means without burning tobacco. At present, major multinational tobacco companies have electronic cigarette products. E-cigarettes have become an indispensable trend in the tobacco market. And what are the technologies that look to the future to lead new industry changes?


First, heat not burn technology


Heating non-combustible electronic cigarettes has gradually gained market recognition and is considered to be an important development direction of electronic cigarettes. At present, the brands that are popular among users are: IQOS, PAX, etc.


Second, low temperature ceramic atomization technology


The low temperature ceramic atomizer technology is precisely a combination of low temperature atomization and ceramic atomization. Low-temperature atomization is healthier and safer, and the ceramic medium can perfectly solve the safety hazard of heavy metals exceeding the standard in the early stage of the development of electronic cigarette technology.


Third, saline-alkali technology


The nicotine salt of the macromolecular salt polymer is used as the nicotine medium in the electronic cigarette instead of the conventional “free base” nicotine.


As for the chips, batteries and other technologies that various e-cigarette manufacturers and distributors admire, it does not determine the core development trend of the e-cigarette industry.


The original intention of the invention of electronic cigarettes is to replace traditional tobacco. The cutting-edge innovations of the industry will also focus on improving the quality of smoke emission, making the use of electronic cigarettes closer to traditional tobacco and abandoning the poisonous components of traditional tobacco.


Actually, ALD Group Limited insists on developing new technology application on

Development History of Main Structure Technology of Electronic Cigarette

Since the invention of electronic cigarettes, its structural technology has been changing and can be divided into five generations. The first generation, one-time electronic cigarette; 1.5 generation, oil-fillable, rechargeable electronic cigarette; second generation, ego series electronic cigarette; 2.5 generation, voltage-regulated electronic cigarette; third generation, adjustable power electronic cigarette; the fourth generation, adjustable temperature electronic cigarette; the fifth generation, adjustable smoke absorption rate electronic cigarette (unreleased).

1.1 The first generation of electronic cigarettes, disposable electronic cigarettes.
They are generally called small pod. Features: easy to carry and use, shape like real smoke, low cost.

1.2 The second generation of e-cigarette, ego series.
After the emergence of ego, e-cigarettes began a new era. The generation has a short battery life and a single style. The ego series effectively improves this situation.

1.3 The third generation of electronic cigarettes, power control electronic cigarettes.
The power output of the electronic cigarette is the decisive factor of the amount of smoke. Regardless of the type of atomizer, the amount of smoke can be obtained by pumping with near power.

1.4 The fourth generation of electronic cigarettes, temperature control electronic cigarettes.
The main component of the smoky oil is PG VG. These two components undergo thermal cracking at high temperatures, and the cracking temperature is above 300 °C, which produces some harmful components.

1.5 The fifth-generation electronic cigarette, particle control electronic cigarette.
From the perspective of the user, an electronic cigarette product that can control the absorption rate of the lungs is to control the amount of smoke particles, thereby controlling amount of lungs to enter, efficiently completing the nicotine delivery, allowing people to smoke less and gain more. The cravings are more satisfying and safer.

By the way, the popular Vfire vape from ALD Group Limited, which has several brands, silmo 3.0, ALD Amaze, Vapmor, has new design. The advantage of Vfire vape is with refillable closed system cartridge and magnetic connector starter kit. Besides, the Vfire pod has stylish design and pocket size and others characteristics, such as internal temperature regulation, build-in high rate lithium battery, ceramic heating coil, high strength aluminum shell with unique design, magnetic charging connection at bottom. Certainly, the unique point is rotate bottom oil filling and magnetic charging interface.