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VOOPOO, a brand honored by its DRAG 2


VOOPOO is a brand featured for its high-end RDA product DRAG 2 Platinum Edition.

VOOPOO brand official introduction:

VOOPOO founder team has always believed that “technological innovation can bring a better life to mankind, and the source of innovation is love and responsibility”. Thus, at the beginning of its establishment, VOOPOO set up the vision of “becoming a high-tech enterprise with love as its foundation, pursuing innovation and value, only doing something meaningful to human society”, promoting the healthy development of the industry and promoting the healthy life of hundreds of millions of users.

VOOPOO understands the desire of all users, combines cutting-edge technology with fashionable appearance, and continuously creates high-quality products. Through excellent quality, fashion appearance and professional services, it strives to give each user the best vaping experience. In 2017, the founder team of VOOPOO jointly developed GENE FAN flagship chip with GENES chip company after three years. In the same year, VOOPOO developed the classic 0.025S second vape box with extremely fast ignition speed, which has not been exceeded so far.


Since then, VOOPOO brand has won a wide reputation for its constant pursuit of innovation, excellence in scientific research and development, and excellent quality.

The founder said: We believe in the power of innovation, believe that technology can be used to make everyone spiritually happy and live a healthy life. We continue to pursue breakthroughs and innovations to help the development of human society.

The greatest source of innovation is love and responsibility.

VOOPOO hopes to create the best products and give every user the best experience. Keep continuous innovation, continuous creation, for the users happiness, for the employees happiness, and for a better society.

Society is beautiful because of love, and love is great because of responsibility. VOOPOO is not only responsible for products, but also for society. Take social responsibility, advocate healthy life, convey positive values, and contribute to human society.

Voopoo brand history:

VOOPOO was formally established in 2014, and has been deeply engaged in the fields of medical treatment and industrial control.

In 2017, VOOPOO acquired the American WOODY VAPES brand and formally entered the electronic cigarette industry.

In March 2017, VOOPOO became the only strategic partner of GENE chip in the world, jointly developing high-end upgraded chip of GENE FAN.

In 2018, VOOPOO quickly occupied a position in the electronic tobacco industry through innovative technology and high-quality products, leading the industry’s technical standards.

In 2018, VOOPOO launched a series of new products and gained high recognition from the industry and users, such as second Drag 2, VMATE, etc.

At present, the VOOPOO team is expanding in scale, and its business is all over the world.

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