Saturday, June 22, 2024

The Sino-US Trade War Will Strike the Vape Industry – A Scary 25% Tariff Will Be Imposed!


As part of Trump’s trade war with China, US government officials have added the Chinese-made vape products to the list of imported products, which will soon be subject to a 25% tariff, at the same time, hundreds of other products, including auto parts and precision parts, will also be affected.

Tariffs are import taxes on goods to reduce the competitiveness of products with similar products made in the United States. However, if no US company produces similar products similar to vape equipment, tariffs may only prevent consumers from purchasing, which will damage vape online and offline stores, distributors and the vital interests of Chinese manufacturers at the same time.

Of course, a 25% price increase will hurt e-cigarette users, not just companies. Although most of the vape juice we used is made in the US, almost all e-cigarette equipment is made in China. The purpose of tariffs is to help American industry, but the e-cigarette industry will not receive any benefits from tariffs and may be seriously harmed. Consumers will postpone purchases and wait for tariffs to fall. Retailers will also adopt the same approach to wholesale purchases, causing wholesalers to reduce their orders from Chinese manufacturers, and Chinese factories will be forced to slow down production, lay off workers, and reduce R&D budgets.

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Regardless of whether Trump is acting recklessly or wants to be tough, he seems to ignore the lessons of history deliberately. There have been no winners in trade wars, and sometimes the results are even tragic and painful. Trump accused China of engaging in unfair trade practices and stealing intellectual property rights when dealing with the United States. Negotiations between the two countries have broken down. It seems that the United States is preparing to launch a trade war that may be disastrous for both countries.

Trump has imposed tariffs on products in many countries, including strong US allies such as Canada, Mexico and the European Union. Many of these countries are also taking revenge actions to impose import penalties on popular American products. China will also retaliate against tariffs on US products, and the resulting trade war will make the world’s two largest economies stand against each other.

China-US trade war: can it be stopped?


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