Thursday, June 20, 2024

The London Fire Department is Also Supporting the Vape


Do you know? 6.3% of fires and 26.1% of fires death are related to smoking. The result of this survey was obtained by the London Fire Department this year.

According to the New Zealand Herald’s website, Mark Hazleton, manager of the London Fire Safety Organization, said the London Fire Department believes that the best way to avoid a fire is to give up smoking.

According to data from the London Fire Department, eight people in London have died from smoking-related fires in the past year. In 2013/14, there were 5,978 smoking-related fires occurring in London, injuring 416 people and killing 76 people.

Fire injuries, disasters, and costs from cigarettes and cigarette lights: a global overview

This is why the London Fire Department has called for people to give up smoking.

Well, it’s not easy for a longtime smoker to give up smoking, but the London Fire Department recommended an option for the old smokers, that is the vape.

Vapes don’t show an open flame, so it is safer to place it on furniture, on the floor, on the bed and so on.

Dan Daly, an assistant commissioner of the London Fire Department, said that people often misunderstand that e-cigarettes also have the risk of causing fires. However, in fact, e-cigarettes are similar to ordinary electrical appliances. The common causes of fire are device damage or charger failure.

The London Fire Department also reminds people:

  1. Avoid charging the e-cigarette overnight;
  2. Don’t use damaged e-cigarettes;
  3. Make sure to keep away from medical oxygen when using e-cigarettes.

So in general, the attitude of the London Fire Department is still very clear, that is: smoking? Don’t smoke anymore; vape? Well, you can vape anything, as long as you don’t ignite.

At the same time, the London Fire Department also hopes that landlords recommend vapes to their smokers to help them change their smoking habits. It is a trivial matter to say, but in essence, this may be a life-saving event, with a long way to go!

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