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What should you know before taking the vape into the plane


On July 10, 2018, Air China B737/5851 aircraft was on the CA106 Hong Kong-Dalian flight. The crew in the Guangzhou control area, accidentally shut down the air conditioning components, resulting in a cabin height warning, the crew treated the problem according to the emergency release procedure, releasing the cabin oxygen mask. After going down to a height of 3,000 meters, the crew found the problem, and reconnected the air-conditioning components. Then the air pressure returned to normal and continued to fly to Dalian safely.

Qiao Yibin said that the initial investigation result is that the officer was vaping. In order to prevent the spread of smoke into the cabin, the officer without informing the captain of closing the cabin recirculating fan, but misconnected the adjacent air conditioning unit switch, resulting in the insufficient cabin air and air pressure alarm. At present, the detailed reasons are still under investigation and verification. According to the conclusions of the investigation, the Bureau will strictly investigate and deal with it according to the law.

At around 19:15 on July 13, Air China stated on its official Weibo that it had zero tolerance for security violations and decided to disqualify the crew of the CA106 flight and to terminate the labor contract according to law.

Focusing on the development of the event.“Can vape be carried into the plane and used?” It also provokes a heated discussion among the masses. The following is the question and answer for you.

Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping Devices in plane rules in USA

01. Can I carry vape on the plane?

The vape device must be carried on the person, and the vape juice must be checked.

02. What are the specific precautions for carrying the vape device in the cabin?

According to the relevant provisions of dangerous goods in air transport, when carrying passengers on board, the vape carried by passengers should conform to the following requirements:

1. The vape device can only be carried with you or placed in the suitcase, and must not be put in the baggage.

2. The lithium battery contained in the vape device shall comply with the relevant requirements for air transportation. If the lithium-ion battery is used, the rated energy shall not exceed 100Wh; for lithium metal batteries, the lithium content shall not exceed 2g.
3. If the spare battery of the vape device is carried, the battery must be protected individually to avoid a short circuit.

4. Do not charge the spare battery of the vape device or vape on the aircraft.

5. The e-liquid and vape should comply with the transportation rules of liquid articles and must be checked.

After reading this, do you have a clear answer of whether the vape can be carried into the cabin and used?

In order to have a better cabin environment when flying, do not endanger the health and safety of yourself and others by vaping. Please keep in mind and observe the rules.

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