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SNOWPLUS Lite starter kit review – $14.99 only for a big vapor


Today we’re talking about some pod vape that makes every cent count. It’s SNOWPLUS Lite for only $14.99 with a strong nicotine strength and a large cloud.

SNOWPLUS Lite Review

Product Launch

The Lite edition is launched on January 15, 2020 with the latest concept by the China-based vapor industry leader, SNOWPLUS who is famous for its best product user experience and creative design.

SNOWPLUS Lite Review

The launch of SNOWPLUS Lite follows the release of the first generation SNOWPLUS classic vaporization device aiming at providing adult smokers a more affordable and effective alternative to conventional cigarettes. You know, most pod systems on market are around or above 30 dollars, it’s an earthquake to the current pod vape market that’s destined to instigate huge turbulence in the vape industry and rewrite the vaping future to be better.

SNOWPLUS Lite Review

All the vapers, no matter rich or poor, deserve to be bestowed the right to get a decent starter kit with decent vaping experience replacing harmful cigarettes and enjoy better health.

Specifications/ Parameters and details

SNOWPLUS Lite device details:

Battery capacity: 400mAh (Though it’s the Lite version, its battery isn’t Lite at all, and beats contemporary popular brands’ classic kit battery like a piece of cake)

Operating hours after a full charge: 24 hours (Assume you vape 3 hours a day, you can vape for incredible 8 days!)

Weight: 27g (As light as a common lighter for cigarettes)

Size: 104mm*20mm*12mm (This size is small and portable, only half-length of an ordinary pen, almost same as Juul and smaller than RELX classic)

Shell material: Anodized aluminum (Sturdy, light-weight and durable)

Charge time: 50-100 minutes (It’s kind of slow, but the good thing is, you can vape while charging, not a drawback to vaping at all. Want an 18 minutes fast charging device? Click here for Pro)

Charging interface: Micro-USB (Android phone charging port, this kind of charge cable can be found everywhere)

Colors for choosing: Classic Black, Misty Grey, Sakura Pink, Purple, Ocean Blue and Green

Light indicator:

Light indicator:
Light indicator

Battery>10% – Light indicator turns on when vaping
Battery<10% – Light indicator flashes as you vape
Light indicator stays on when charging
Light indicator turns off when charging is done

SNOWPLUS Lite Review
All the content inside the starter kit, including 1 device, 1 cable, 1 mint cartridge, 1 user manual, and a best flavor list brochure.

SNOWPLUS Lite pod/cartridge details:

Cartridge flavor inside the starter kit: 1 * Mint flavor pod (SNOWPLUS best and most popular flavor)

Nicotine strength: 5% (The most-welcomed nicotine strength on market)

Main ingredients: Plant glycerin, propylene glycol, food flavor, plant extract, nicotine (VG natural & safe e-liquid)

Cartridge capacity: 1.5ml (Big pod capacity)

Puffs: 500-600 puffs (Equals about 3 packs of cigarettes)

Heating coil resistance: 1.2 Ω (Proper vaping resistance for both MTL & DTL draw,)

Cartridge weight: 6.4g (Small, portable, convenient & instant closed type pod vape)

Cartridge shell material: Eastman Tritan PCTG (Safe material with the third party certificates)

Vapor temperature: Mild, slightly warm, low temperature (Low temperature device unlike ultra-hot mod, generates much less formaldehyde during vaping. It frees your lips from the frequent burnt scars from mods, good for health)

Cartridge technology: TrueFeel (This unique high tech makes the draw neither tight nor aggressive. No dry hits until last drop of ejuice, no burnt smell when taking a long drag. Your vaping experience is constant and consistent from first puff to last puff)

SNOWPLUS Lite Review


SNOWPLUS Lite is an afforable and cost effective pod system born for vape starters. It has smooth and a powerful throat hit, and big vapor amount generated by the advanced & mature TrueFeel honeycomb ceramics heating & atomizing. Meanwhile, it has a large 400 mAh battery and multiple colors for choosing. It’s a great option for smokers to make the switch.

Where to buy SNOWPLUS Lite:


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SNOWPLUS Lite is affordable, durable and powerful as a pro and provides strong throat hit and large clouds. Worth buyingSNOWPLUS Lite starter kit review - $14.99 only for a big vapor