Smoko Vape Starter Kit – Smoko review

Smoko is a UK brand specialising in starter kits. The Smoko Vape Starter Kit consists of a battery and a sealed clearomizer, which is particularly easy to use. It offers a pleasant and effective vaping experience to quit smoking tobacco without having to worry about any settings.

Easy to use

smoko vape

Nothing could be simpler than the Smoko starter kit. A clearomizer filled with e-liquid containing a pre-set amount of nicotine, and a battery. Simply draw on the end to start vaping. Despite its old-school look, it is no less effective in the sensations it offers.

Technical characteristics

Mod dimensions73 x 13 mm
Mod weight22 g
Battery sizebuilt-in, 580 mAh
Chargingmicro USB
Max. atomizer size13
Available modesautomatic
Clearomizer dimensions13 x 55
Clearomizer weight11 g
Clearomizer volume2 ml
Range of useautomatic
Fillingsealed system

What’s in the box?

  • Mod
  • Clearomizer
  • Replacement tank
  • USB cable
  • User guide

Simple and robust

Smoko USB port

A micro USB port for recharging can be found under the battery. An LED is located in a transparent band directly above to indicate the charge status. A colour code allows you to evaluate the battery immediately. When the base flashes red, the mod needs to be recharged. When fully charged, the light changes from red to green. The vapour is activated by drawing on the end, without having to press a button. No settings are needed.

Smoko clearomizer

The clearomizer is screwed onto the battery. The connector is fixed. The battery is designed to be used exclusively with the specific clearomizer. When the clearomizer has been screwed onto the battery, a sleek effect is obtained, and the unit, despite being relatively tall, is slender and resembles a pen format. The battery capacity is 580 mAh. It might not be much, but it is in keeping with such a slim battery size.

Somko ready-to-vape liquid

The clearomizer contains ready-to-vape liquid. The system is sealed. Therefore, potential refilling with e-liquid is not option. Under the silver-coloured ring, the clearomizer contains a ceramic coil. Perfect hydration is achieved regardless of the level of liquid and inhalation frequency. This prevents a dry hit (burnt taste in your mouth caused by insufficient e-liquid hydration). In our tests, no leakage, seepage or fault in the use of this kit were observed. This is a plus, especially for a first-time vaper looking for a straightforward ready-to-use solution.

Smoko zoom on e-liquid

The clearomizer contains 2 ml of liquid. It is transparent, meaning that the liquid level can be viewed at a glance. The kit is supplied with a clearomizer of the chosen flavour. Each flavour can be purchased separately in packs of two pre-filled ready-to-use clearomizers. The mouthpiece is quite thick, but still feels great in the mouth.

An effective vaping experience

For vaping purposes, the kit does a perfect job. The system is disconcertingly simple — simply screw on the clearomizer and draw on the end to produce vapour. The kit is available with high nicotine contents (15, 18 and 20 mg/ml) for smokers who need strong levels of nicotine while they quit tobacco. The hit (tingling sensation in the throat) is powerful. On the Smoko, only Mouth-to-Lung inhalation (similar to a tobacco cigarette) is available. The single-aroma flavours are pleasant.

This kit is ideal for beginners who are looking for an easy-to-use product to start with, before potentially upgrading their set-up. However, the sealed system involves both an advantage and a disadvantage. The convenience offered without the need for settings, the strong nicotine levels and the wide selection of flavours make Smoko Starter Kit a good option to help you start quitting smoking tobacco. The major disadvantage is the sealed system itself. The cost involved in purchasing numerous clearomizers needs to be factored into the equation, particularly for long-term use. It is also worth noting the environmental impact of this type of system, which is difficult to recycle.

Smoko cigalike

Another cigalike type model is available from the manufacturer. With a built-in 190 mAh battery and less than 1 ml of liquid contained in the mouthpiece (similar to a tobacco cigarette filter), this product offers the same type of sensation as the starter kit. The tip lights up with each draw, and vaping is also activated when you draw on the end. The same size as a tobacco cigarette, but heavier, the kit is designed for backup use in view of the e-liquid and battery capacity. The format would be suitable for first-time vapers seeking a familiar hand-to-mouth action. However, the fact that the tanks are disposable is a downside.

 What we like

  • Easy to use
  • Robust
  • No leakage or seepage
  • Strong hit
  • Good flavours

 What we don’t like

  • Disposable sealed system
  • Environmental impact


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