Tuesday, April 16, 2024

SMOK Cracks Down Counterfeit and Inferior Products Significantly in 2018


Recently, SMOK released a message on the company’s official website that in 2018, a heavy blow was made to crack down on counterfeit and inferior products and significant results were achieved. At the same time, we call on agents and retailers to say no to fake goods, not to sell fake goods for temporary benefit!

Smok official site: https://www.smoktech.com/

Counterfeiters use inferior materials to manufacture products in workshops that do not meet the hygienic standards, label LOGO, and then flow to the market. These fake and inferior products do not have any quality testing, once problems arise, it will bring great security risks to the vast number of users.

In response to the rampant sale of counterfeiting in the market, SMOK acted quickly and set up a counterfeiting project team to cooperate with the professional knowledge property rights protection company and the public security department.

Through a variety of channels of investigation and evidence collection, a number of sham-making and selling holidays in Shenzhen and Dongguan were raided. The case of fake and inferior products for sale was seized on the spot, which was worth millions of yuan. Several computers were seized to record the purchase and sale of raw materials. During the search, we also found a complete range of factory production tools, including radium carving machine, packing machine and so on.

A large number of SMOK electronic cigarette products, SMOK core products and packaging boxes with SMOK trademark were searched on the spot. The large number of counterfeiting categories is astonishing. The products manufactured by these counterfeit stores are sold to major markets at home and abroad, disrupting the market at very low prices, and the behavior is rampant.

The anti-counterfeiting activities carried out in Shenzhen and Dongguan destroyed a total of four counterfeiting sites and arrested 10 suspects.

SMOK said that the anti-counterfeiting campaign in 2018 has made a major breakthrough, which effectively protects the rights and interests of consumers, with practical actions to safeguard the brand value of SMOK. At present, the electronic cigarette market is still mixed, counterfeit and inferior products are rampant, SMOK’s full crackdown on counterfeiting has also sounded an alarm for illegal electronic cigarette enterprises on the market.

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