Sunday, July 21, 2024

Seychelles is about to legalize e-cigarettes


According to African island health officials, Seychelles will soon legalize e-cigarettes. And the new law will soon be approved by the domestic cabinet.

Since Saudi Arabia announced the legalization of vape products, Seychelles will become the second country to lift the e-cigarette ban.

According to the Seychelles News Agency, the new law defines e-cigarettes as legitimate tobacco products and it will regulate the vape sales, manufacture and use.

Bharathi Viswanathan of the Seychelles Hospital said, “This is a good way to help smokers quit smoking. It is also less harmful to health because it contains less nicotine and harmful substances.”

Seychelles lift vape ban

Existing Seychelles laws prohibit the sale, manufacture and import of “similar” tobacco products, including vapor products. (By the way, Seychelles is not the only country that has such a strange tobacco law. Mexico and several other countries also ban “imitation” of tobacco products.)

According to the Seychelles Tobacco Report, in 2015, nearly 34% of Seychelles men over 15 years of age smoked, and more than 6% of women and women smoked.


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