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Myst Labs S1 pod system review – nicotine X and MEMS sensor chip technology inside


Appearance: This time I received the Myst Labs S1 prefilled pod system, with a midnight blue color device. The non-slip mesh sleeve of the upper part of the device is made of PCTG plastic, and the lower part is made of the aviation aluminum material. S1 is more ergonomic in the design of the mouthpiece, and the arc shape fits the lips, which finally avoids the uncomfortable feeling of the boxy mouthpiece of the previous generation product P1. The cartridge and the device are connected by magnetic. Unfortunately, the tolerance control of this version is not perfect, the gap at the connection is slightly larger, and the cartridge can be shaken by hand. This is expected to be improved. Insert the pod and the LED indicator lights up. The breathing light is displayed according to the current power level. 4 white lights on show power 75% and above, 3 white lights on 25-50%, 2 white lights on 10-25 pecent, 1 white light on 10 pecent. Below 10% power becomes shows the four red lights. 8.5 / 10Myst Labs S1 pod system review

Taste and throat hit: the capacity of each pod capacity is 1.3ml, the heating material is ceramic core, the resistance value is 1.5Ω. The biggest feature of Myst Labs S1 products is the use of the latest nicotine X patented formula technology, which uses only 1.7% nicotine content to provide a proper upper sense and a clearer throat hit & buzz, providing smokers with new addiction relieving way avoiding getting more addicted.

No. 3 Mellow: nicotine content 17 mg / ml, strong throat-satisfaction. The first puff tastes wonderful. There is a feeling of white wine in the throat. Slowly you taste the lighter herbal of tobacco plants, and the back tastes are more like tea, like the oolong tea taste without the oriental leaf tea. No unpleasant tar flavor is added, nor is it common buttery or nutty tobacco. This flavor comes with a clear throat hit, and the vaping process is very satisfying. Old smoker like me should like it very much. It is worth mentioning that I’m not used to tobacco flavor. Myst Labs S1 can actually make me use up 1 pod without any rest, which is really surprising. 9/10Myst Labs S1 pod system review

Lemon oolong tea: nicotine content 17mg / ml, moderate throat satisfaction. The first layer of the first puff is the aroma of the lemon skin, followed by a taste similar to honey citron tea, and the back mouth is a rich oolong tea taste. The sweetness is prone to a hint of sweetness, which makes up for the astringency of the tea, and it is not too sweet. The overall tone of this taste is relatively heavy. Continuous vaping doesn’t make lemon taste particularly obvious. For the tea taste, I always feel it more like a citron tea. Continuous vaping this fruit tea flavor makes a heavy fragrance. If you like fresh base, you may feel uncomfortable.. This taste gives me the experience to be suitable as a tonic. 8/10

Hazelnut red bean ice: Nicotine content 17mg / ml, moderate throat satisfaction. Unlike the common mung beans, the entrance is a soft red bean paste, accompanied by milky, glutinous red bean cake taste. The back mouth is a light hazelnut nut flavor, the overall collocation is biased towards the pastry, the taste is very full, very tasteful. 9/10Myst Labs S1 pod system review

Vapor volume and vaping resistance: Myst LabsS1 pioneered the application of MEMS differential pressure sensor chip technology (this technology is usually used in intelligent safety control systems), replacing the traditional airflow switch, real-time monitoring of the strength of the vaping airflow, which is generated in the airway. The negative pressure value controls the output power of the battery in real time, thereby personally and steadily controlling the heating power of the e-liquid. This means that S1 can intelligently adjust the amount of vapor according to the depth of smoking habits of smokers, and truly customize the experience. The vaping resistance is relatively large, but it does not feel bad to vape. Personally I like this vaping resistance. It is very tight and has the satisfaction of vaping.

E-liquid leakage: No vape juice leakage has been encountered by me. 10/10

Condensate: Correct posture is important, do not lie or lean on the side or upside down to vape, it is common sense to vape pods. The No. 3 Mellow pod has a grunting noise when it encounters the accumulation of condensate, and the brand has made improvements to this problem. 6.5 / 10

Spitback: No spitback phenomenon. 10/10

Burnt core: normal frequency continuous vaping doesn’t cause this 10/10

Battery life: The battery capacity is 350m mAh, using Type-C charging interface, charging time is about 45-60 minutes. 8/10Myst Labs S1 pod system review


Myst Labs’ product has two highlights this time, nicotine X technology and MEMS differential pressure sensor chip technology, the former aims to bring the fullness of full throat hit with the lower nicotine content, the latter brings customized vapor amount. The taste of No. 3 mellow flavor brought me a very unexpected experience. For the first time, I was able to continuously vape up one pod of the tobacco flavor in the pod system. The flavoring style and ideas are very novel. Because I got the internal test device this time, some details are not perfect and need to be polished, but the overall vaping experience is far better than the previous generation products, I hope to see a more perfect experience after the improvement.

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Nicotine X technology and MEMS differential pressure sensor chip technology make Myst Labs S1 excellent.Myst Labs S1 pod system review - nicotine X and MEMS sensor chip technology inside