Monday, May 20, 2024

Most vapers in Europe are switched from smokers


According to research from Tobacco Control, smoking cessation is highly correlated with e-cigarette use in the European Union. Moreover, the more frequently people vape,  the more likely they quit smoking. This research is convincible because the sample is broad and representative, it comes from 13 057 Europeans from 28 countries.

This study shows that daily e-cigarette use was associated with 5-fold higher odds of having quit smoking in 2015-2017, and with the technology innovation in vape industry and the decreasing vape price, e-cigarettes are becoming more and more effective in helping smokers to quit. It also means the gradual decay of cigarette and rising of vape is unstoppable.

The research result also shows that e-cigarette use helps early smokers with below 5 years of smoking experience switch from cigarettes better. It goes with our common sense, a habit is not only about addiction, but also about emotion.

It means, when someone listens to an old song, it’s not about his/her love for the song, but the emotion and memory tied with the song. Russian scientist Pavlov’s dog & bell experiment shows that nostalgia action rings the bell, and looks forward to the return of the old good thing,just like smoking.

Based on the study, we also found another important clue: e-cigarettes do not result in relapse to an inhalational habit for these former smokers. This indicates that most vapers don’t go back to smoking again and it doesn’t lead to smoking relapse.

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