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Kings Crest e-liquid review – DirtyCheck No.84


In the 83rd issue, we introduced RiotSquad e-liquid to everyone.
Let’s continue our e-liquid recommendation.
Today we bring you Kings Crest e-liquid.

Kings Crest E-liquid review

Kings Crest brand introduction

Kings Crest is from the United States,
It has DON JUAN RESERVE, DON JUAN CAFE series, etc.,
It’s a dessert brand e-liquid.
All the main styles are based on desserts.

Kings Crest E-liquid review

Kings Crest product description

Today I bring you the DON JUAN RESERVE series,
60mL package, 3/6mg optional nicotine strength.
What surprised me is that there are carton packaging.
Indeed, current e-liquids on market are rarely packaged.
The DON JUAN RESERVE series of Captain comes with three flavors,
One is milk cake candy marshmallow,
One is butter pecan pie and one strawberry banana vanilla cream.


Kings Crest user experience

Recommended setting

0.88ohm Bruce finished heating coil
0.82ohm 30ga plus 28ga twisted coil
Recommended atomizer
Pioneer RTA atomizer

Milk cake candy marshmallow 6mg

This one is a classic dessert flavor.
Marshmallows with butterscotch give you a very silky feel,
There is a strong concentration of sweetness under the 0.88 heating wire.
But it’s not that overwhelmingly sweet experience.
The top taste is slightly sweet butterscotch, the outstanding milky aroma is very good.
The aftertaste is echoed by marshmallows, and the plumpness is very good

Kings Crest E-liquid review

Butter Pecan Pie 6mg

Crispy Butter Pecan Pie with Whole Wheat Crackers
Put a dollop of sweet cream on it
The whole feeling is relative to sweet friends
The difference goes to 80V pecans
The pecans of this smoke oil are mainly the feeling of smell
The main body is the experience of butter cream
Very suitable for gamer friends with heavy desserts

Strawberry Banana Vanilla Cream 3mg

The main note is mainly the collision of strawberry cream and banana cream,
The sweetness of strawberries and the silky feel of bananas are very full,
No extra secondary flavors,
It’s the feeling of pure cream milkshake,
Recommended to friends who like cream and fruit

Kings Crest E-liquid review


Kings Crest Series e-liquid is inevitable to be popular among dessert players,
Its selection of excellent oil quality and taste are deeply loved by vapers.
In recent years, it has won good e-liquid awards.
Friends who like desserts flavor may take a try.
Okay, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Kings Crest Series e-liquid 

Kings Crest E-liquid review

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Kings Crest Series e-liquid quality and taste are at the top level. Highly recommended.Kings Crest e-liquid review - DirtyCheck No.84