Thursday, May 30, 2024

KangerTech Intelbox Preview: A Fresh Return to the Vape Scene


The KangerTech Intelbox marks a significant return for the well-known vape brand KangerTech. This latest device is a blend of simplicity and advanced features, tailored for both novice and experienced vapers.

Introduction to KangerTech Intelbox

The Intelbox is a pod kit that includes a removable pod and a battery section, commonly referred to as the mod. It’s designed to cater to a broad audience with features that appeal to both advanced users and those who prefer straightforward usability.

Design and Build

The device features a unique mix of attributes:

  • Removable Battery: It houses a single 18650 battery, which is not included, aligning it with more advanced vaping devices.
  • USB Type-C Charging: While the kit includes a USB Type-C port for charging, using an external battery charger is recommended for safety.
  • LED Indicators: Instead of a traditional screen, the Intelbox utilizes LED indicators to display power levels, though specific functionalities like output adjustment remain unclear.

Vaping Experience

  • Adjustable Airflow: An adjustable slider on the mod allows for both Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) and Direct-To-Lung (DTL) vaping experiences, accommodating different inhalation styles.
  • Refillable Pods: The pod section can hold up to 2ml of e-liquid and is refillable via a bottom-fill port.

Aesthetics and Variants

The Intelbox appears to be available in three colors. However, the specific options are not detailed on the Kanger website, suggesting possible variants like Black, Grey, and Silver and Brown.

Kit Contents

  • KangerTech Intelbox device
  • 2 pod tanks
  • USB Type C cable
  • User manual


  • Size: 32x27x122mm
  • Battery: Requires 1x 18650 (not included)
  • Display: LED indicators
  • Charging: Type C USB
  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Adjustable airflow and button firing

The Intelbox combines traditional vaping elements with modern features, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of vapers. Its design emphasizes functionality without compromising on the ease of use, aiming to deliver a satisfying vaping experience.

For more details, visit the KangerTech website.

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