Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Japanese electronic cigarette lovers create the world’s first girl body flavour e liquid


Recently, in a Japanese VAPE circle, a Japanese electronic cigarette lover’s tweets quickly became popular. A new study found that the unique aroma of girls indeed exists, and it is a mixture of lactone C10 and C11. There are even research reports.

A Japanese electronic cigarette lover released a unique twitter of girls.


In many natural products, propanone and butanlactone are very important sources of aroma. The two kinds of lactones mentioned above, C10 called “decanaltone”, have a strong smell of coconut – peaches and diluted with peach flavor; C11 is called “propane eleven lactone”, with strong fats and peach – almond odors, and the taste of peach after dilution. In fact, these two kinds of lactone taste quite rich, and can show a variety of tastes at different concentrations.

vape hk

Do you think things are going to end in such a simple way? As an electronic cigarette lover, he personally turned on the e liquid to see if he could test the right formula. If you succeed, you can suck the fragrance of your sister anytime and anywhere.

From right to left, from right to left, is a very strong coconut milk flavor, pure coconut oil (which looks a bit like essence), and nicotine – flavored peaches (wow… Death, you know), used for dilution of peach flavor. Before long, “sweet sister” flavor tobacco oil was born.


In the mood of excitement and apprehension, the big brother dropped the smoke into the nebulizer. After a while, the elder brother sighed with emotion.

“Then the expert said,” the direction of the human race is going to come out. It is the same. It is the most important thing. It is the same. It is the same. キモくてすみません。”

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