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Is vape pen bad to health? 2018 latest answer from the authorities


Yes, Of course.

1, electronic cigarette/vape pen taste: a variety of harmful ingredients in the true cigarette is removed, and then add honey, mixed and made flavor. So the taste of the electronic smoke is slightly light, slightly sweet and micro incense, in the beginning, some smokers are not used to it and smoke more.

2, electronic cigarette/vape pen market is now in chaos, especially in the Amazon market, flooded with a large number of counterfeit products, even the best sales of products, manufacturers are not in line with the qualification requirements.

3, electronic cigarette is still lacking effective supervision, resulting in uncertain future. The European and American areas are very hot and the domestic is relatively cold.

4, some manufacturers and sales companies brag about the electronic cigarettes, for example, many companies allege that the electronic cigarette sets have the function of clearing toxin of lungs. This is all illegal propaganda. Electronic cigarette companies are not drugs at all. And science also proves that electronic cigarettes do not have any function of clearing lung toxin at all. Electronic cigarettes now only replace cigarette cigarettes and auxiliary smoking cessation.

5, the cost of electronic cigarettes is relatively high, not popular.

6, the quality and life of electronic cigarette are relatively poor, and the manufacturing technology of electronic cigarette needs further improvement.

Source: Baidu

The harm of electronic cigarette:

The electronic cigarette is mainly composed of three parts: the cigarette tube, the evaporation device and the battery which are loaded with nicotine solution. When used, nicotine solution is heated and evaporated and is inhaled into the mouth. Because nicotine is usually dissolved in propylene glycol solution, smokers can breathe out white fog when smoking electronic cigarettes. According to personal preferences, smokers can also add chocolate, mint and other flavors to the flue.

Because of this, the safety of additives in electronic cigarettes is worrying. The German Federal Health Education Center has pointed out that nearly 90% of the gas inhaled from electronic cigarettes is propylene glycol, which can stimulate the respiratory tract in a short time, and what adverse effects on the human body in the long term and repeated inhalation of propylene glycol is still unclear. In addition, in addition to commonly known ethanol, glycerin and essence, American researchers have detected carcinogenic nitrosamines in some electronic cigarettes.


In addition, the principle of electronic cigarette is through the heating of liquid nicotine. The key word in this sentence is nicotine. Nicotine is harmful to your body, no matter how you use it. According to researchers, nicotine contracts blood vessels, increasing blood pressure, but also causes stress on the heart. Therefore, in essence, electronic cigarettes are harmful to health, because they can cause heart attacks and strokes.

The author sees most vape pen companies staff and employees from Innokin, Aspire & Smok in Shenzhen, China, still smoke the real cigarette rather than the electronic cigarette. They are manufacturers and knows which one is better for real. How do you think about the electronic cigarette. Please write down your comment below.


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6 years ago

I’ll quit vaping then, haha

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It's bad to healthIs vape pen bad to health? 2018 latest answer from the authorities