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Inmood pod system review


Appearance: The traditional cover design is used on the package. Good friction resistance and a proper damping feeling when opened. I got the green color kit this time, and the overall style inherits the north European coldness of the Inmood disposable vape. The device is made of 6063 aluminum alloy, and the surface is engraved with laser engraving. The skin-friendly surface makes it very comfortable to hold in the hand. The magnetic connection on the bottom of the cartridge makes hard to wobble. One thing that needs to be improved is the plastic patch at the bottom of the new cartridge. The color is very similar to the black of the cartridge material. It is easy to forget to remove it if you don’t pay attention. 8/10

Taste & throat hit: The kit comes with three cartridges, namely white peach oolong, red storm and mint tobacco, each with a capacity of 1.6ml, and the heating material is cotton core. In addition, passion fruit tea flavored pods are also available.

Inmood pod system review

White peach oolong: The nicotine content is 20mg/ml, weak throat satisfaction. The taste of white peach is faint without the freshness of the pulp. The taste of oolong tea is not natural enough. Some odd bark smell is in it. It lacks the clear flavor of the tea leaves. Sum it up, its vaping experience is terrible. 6/10

Red Storm: Nicotine content of 20mg / ml, weak throat hit. The flavor simulates the functional drink, Red Bull, accurately, but the vapor is relatively small & thin. It lacks taste depth & layer, and relatively hollow, it is a pity. 6.5 / 10

Inmood pod system review

Mint Tobacco: Nicotine content of 30mg / ml, the throat hit is good. The overall flavor of mint is not reflected, it is more a slightly cool auxiliary. The brand’s comprehension of tobacco is in a mess. I only tasted the tar taste, no plant aroma of tobacco. This taste is unacceptable. 5/10

Passion Fruit Tea: The nicotine content is 30mg / ml, while the throat hit is weak. I think this flavor of disposable Inmood is quite good. This time, the taste of pod system is still very good. The aroma control of passion fruit is just right, which reflects the original flavor of the fruit without being too sweet. Unfortunately, this taste is relatively weak in the performance of the closed pod vape. 8/10

Vape juice leakage: there is no leakage before the cartridge is unpacked, and the bottom of the cartridge is marked with the flavor information of the cartridge. No e juice leakage has shown at the bottom. 10/10

Inmood pod system review

Condensate: It’s important to have a correct vaping posture. Don’t lie down or lean on the side when vaping. This is common sense of vaping on pod systems. Oil absorbent cotton is set on the top of the cartridge, which greatly reduces the phenomenon of e-liquid condensate. No condensate was drawn by the author during the test. 10/10

Spit back: Because the cotton core is used, the first two mouthfuls make a popping sound, but there is no spitback. 10/10

Burnt core: continuous vaping at normal frequency hasn’t cause this. 10/10

Endurance: Battery capacity of 400 mAh, using Type-C charging interface. 8/10

Inmood pod system review


The taste of this pod system is generally weak. When it comes to the same taste, it is not as good as the disposable one of the brand. Its power output is insufficient and the problem is still there after recharging. In addition, it only produces a small amount of vapor. Maybe it’s due to the low proportion of plant glycerin. The draw sensitivity of the device is a bit low. Products of other brands take less strength to trigger the atomization in inhaling than Inmmood. The overall user experience of Inmood starter kit is disappointing.

By: Heinrich

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The overall user experience of Inmood starter kit is disappointing.Inmood pod system review