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Moti vape coming with an upgrade – A pod system will not let you down


Original: VAPESAY
Author: Teana Wolf
Important statement: This article is objective and fair, and adheres to the vaper’s position without forgetting the vaper’s original intention.

Moti comes with an upgrade

2019 pod vapes are everywhere, and Moti vape, as one of the best, is not willing to be ordinary. It will fight against the new market of pod vapes with the essence upgrade!

Double paper case square box packaging is more beautiful than the previous Moti vape.

Moti vape reivew Moti vape reivew

All the content inside the box.

Moti vape reivew

No fancy function, simple, fashionable and practical

The device comes with a tobacco flavored pod, and the charging line is taken out by uncovering the compartment, which is really practical for our daily use

Moti vape reivew

Pay attention to the up and down side of pods when installing the cartridge

Moti vape reivew

What’s warm is that, the design of the mouthpiece is parallel to the inclined surface. It is similar to the design of the inclined surface of the lipstick. When vaping, it is more ergonomics. It is not only seamlessly connected with the device interface, but also beautiful and naturally fit the lips.

Moti vape reivew

During the vaping process, the indicator light flashes with the breath

When the battery power is insufficient, the indicator light will flash continuously, and the full charge indicator light will flash for 10 times and then go out, and the charging is completed.

Moti vape reivew Moti vape reivew

Universal Android USB charging port, you don’t need to carry special charging cable when you go out.

Moti vape reivew

One week user experience summary,

The battery doesn’t run out in a day.

Moti vape reivew

After the fourth day of the watermelon flavor pod is finished, the watermelon flavor throat hit is not enough. The peppermint will not hit the throat very well. It is suitable for frequent daily use. The taste of tobacco make throat punch well, so the effect of replacing tobacco is better and more suitable for vaping.

I’m just trying to describe the flavor of the pods myself. Various pod flavors will meet your needs.

At least ceramic atomizing core will not let you down.

Moti vape reivew Moti vape reivew

Moti vape reivew

If you need to make a switch from cigarette, this MOTI vape can completely meet the needs of daily vaping!

Moti vape reivew

The Wandering Earth Limited Co branded Edition
The Wandering Earth Limited Co branded Edition

Where to buy MOTI vape

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One of the best pod systems.Moti vape coming with an upgrade - A pod system will not let you down